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Scalp MicroPigmentation for guaranteed cosmetic results

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Hair Transplants

Advanced hair restoration & surgical procedures to restore lost hair

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Laser Therapy (LLLT)

An effective non-invasive treatment to stimulate hair regrowth

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A non surgical treatment to promote hair growth

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Hair loss products & treatments to stabilise and restore hair

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Hair Replacement

A non-surgical hair replacement procedure that compliments your own existing hair

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New laser treatment for hair loss launched

10th February 2016

Finding effective treatments for the many types of hair loss complaints has been a challenge for scientists and trichologists for many years. The world of science and technology has been working hard in this arena to try and develop pioneering treatments that can help treat or cure these conditions, and restore confidence to sufferers. One […]

Is 3D Printing Improving Hair Systems

09th February 2016

 Since its origins in the early 1980’s in Japan the excitement around 3D printing has been growing. Now its ever increasing reach has expanded into the world of hair loss with an Italian firm offering the world’s first bespoke 3D hair systems. We take a closer look. Historical Hair Solution The oldest detailed records of […]

Follow the stars and ditch the hair extensions

09th February 2016

What the Kardashians do today, the rest of us do tomorrow. Love them or hate them, you can’t help but admire the influential power of this family, especially in the world of beauty and fashion. The latest stance that Kylie Jenner is making is to lose her famous hair extensions in 2016, in favour of […]