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Hair Transplants

Advanced hair restoration & surgical procedures to restore lost hair

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Laser Therapy (LLLT)

An effective non-invasive treatment to stimulate hair regrowth

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A non surgical treatment to promote hair growth

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Hair loss products & treatments to stabilise and restore hair

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Hair Replacement

A non-surgical hair replacement procedure that compliments your own existing hair

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FUE, FUT, strip excision, and a whole lot of confusion

12th February 2016

Hair transplant surgery is the only way to restore hair permanently but there can be a lot of confusion about what exactly it entails. What is strip excision? This is the original method for gaining follicular units from the scalp. It involves removing a strip of scalp, complete with numerous hair follicles. Once the strip […]

Stem Cell Research Points Way To Hair Loss Cure

11th February 2016

Stem cell technology is the stuff of dreams. For medicine it holds the possibility of… well, just about everything. The ability to manipulate these building blocks of life has seen scientists take the first steps on the path to a new generation of medicine. The research has now extended to the study of hair loss […]

Eyebrow-raising surgery: eyebrow transplants becoming more popular

11th February 2016

Women have been manicuring their eyebrows for thousands of years, utilising whatever tools were available to them at the time. For the Egyptians and Ancient Greeks, it was the application of kohl or soot, to blacken and define their brows. In the 17th century – the age of the wig – mouse fur was applied […]