Should You Shave Your Head? Barbers Discuss

15th June 2017

The buzzcut is definitely in right now, but there’s very differing opinions about whether it looks good. Two barbers have recently squared off with their own differing opinions on whether a guy should ever get a buzz cut. So, should you shave it all off, or shouldn’t you? Let’s look at what the experts say… […]

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Could these five foods stop hair loss in its tracks?

14th June 2017

If you have noticed that your hair is thinning and falling out recently, then you are not alone. Male pattern baldness is the leading cause of hair loss, estimated to affect up to two thirds of men across the world. Women also are very likely to experience some form of hair loss in their life, […]

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Celebrities swap beard growth tips

13th June 2017

Being one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, Chris Hemsworth is renowned for his exceptional good looks. However, it appears that even he needs grooming tips from time to time. The actor has recently shared a snap of himself and hit country singer Zak Brown, reportedly in conversation swapping tips about beard growth. The two […]

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Are Footballers More Likely To Go Bald?

11th June 2017

We all know that since Rooney took the first step, footballers have been falling over themselves to have hair transplants. Now hair loss experts have suggested that footballers are at a greater risk of going bald. The reasoning behind the statement is that repeatedly heading the ball causes trauma to the hair follicles on the […]

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What is male pattern baldness and why does it happen?

10th June 2017

Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss that’s been experienced by men for decades. However, despite just how common it is, many men are still unaware of what it is, what causes it and why it happens. If you’re searching for answers, below you’ll discover more about this frustrating and often […]

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Hair loss myths uncovered

09th June 2017

There is a staggering number of hair loss myths in circulation today. The trouble is, not only will these myths not work, but they could also prove potentially dangerous depending on the type of hair loss you’re experiencing. For example, some types of hair loss are triggered due to other, more serious health issues. So, […]

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How protein shakes can cause hair loss

09th June 2017

Many keen gym-goers tend to finish their workout sessions with a protein shake or bar to restore their energy levels and help muscles heal after exercising. High-protein products have increased in sales over the last seven years as a 2010 research study suggests consuming protein right after resistance training and weight lifting can promote muscle […]

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What’s the minimum age for a hair transplant

08th June 2017

Patients often wonder what the ideal age is to opt for a hair transplant – but honestly speaking there isn’t one. It is known that having a hair transplant when under the young age of 25 does carry some risks. Unfortunately patients who are losing their hair in their early twenties will be feeling self-conscious, […]

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Cancer researchers discover hair loss breakthrough

07th June 2017

US scientists have accidently discovered the cells which make hair turn grey as they were studying how cancerous tumours form. This breakthrough could prove crucial for identifying potential ways to treat baldness and greying hairs. Professor of Dermatology, Dr Lu Le at the UT Southwestern Medical Centre, said that with the knowledge they have gained […]

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Former boxer Derry Mathews has hair transplant

06th June 2017

Derry Matthews, former British and Commonwealth Lightweight boxing champion has recently made headlines as he admitted that he has undergone a hair transplant. His reasoning was simply that he was getting too many comments and jokes made about his receding hairline from his friends, yet is delighted with the results. Matthews appears to be a […]

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Hair loss home cures: do they really work?

05th June 2017

On your search for hair loss remedies, you’ll come across a large number of home cures advertised. Claiming to eliminate your balding problem once and for all at an affordable cost, these supposed cures can be a very tempting option; particularly for those on a tight budget. However, do they actually work or are they […]

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The Benefits Of A Balding Goalie

04th June 2017

Recently the American football blog “Outside of the boot” noticed that a lot of the most successful goalies in football (that’s proper football, as we know it) are bald, and came up with three ingenious reasons as to why. Why are goalies bald? These are the reasons the bloggers put forward: 1. Balding is typically […]

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Is Prince Harry using caviar pills to fight that bald spot?

02nd June 2017

Pictures over the last few years suggest that along with the throne, hair loss also appears to be inherited in the royal family. Prince Harry has often made jokes about how his elder brother Prince William suffers from a receding hairline, much like their father, yet it seems likely that Prince Harry is also experiencing […]

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Taiwanese men lose hair earlier than most

31st May 2017

If you’re a man then, globally speaking you’ve got a 50% chance of balding to some extent by the time you’re 50. What’s interesting however is that the rate of balding varies from region to region and even country to country. A recent article in the Taipei Times focused on a survey, carried out by […]

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Differing attitudes to baldness

29th May 2017

An alopecia sufferer has recently revealed he’s happy he hasn’t got hair anymore. What’s more, he plans on maintaining his bald look. Paul Roche didn’t always accept the condition however, and initially he did attempt to cover it up with headwear and sunglasses. When it comes to baldness, there does appear to be very different […]

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Is it any wonder so many sportsmen turn to hair transplants?

28th May 2017

Sportsmen are renowned for their love of hair transplants. Many famous sports stars have opened up about their struggle with male pattern baldness, and how a hair transplant changed their life. Now, as two more sports stars have come under fire for their receding hairline and balding patches, is it any wonder so many turn […]

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Some good news for propecia users?

26th May 2017

After concerns were raised over the risk of serious psychiatric side effects of common hair loss medication, Propecia, researchers have recently carried out a study to learn more. While they discovered 5a-reductase inhibitors (5ARIs) such as Propecia, did increase the risk of self-harm and depression, it did not increase the risk of suicide. It also […]

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Could food intolerance lead to hair loss?

25th May 2017

Hair can be a good signifier of general well-being and is often one of the first signs of an underlying health problem. There’s lots of evidence to link stress and anxiety to hair loss as well as auto immune diseases such as type 2 diabetes or thyroid disorders. Diet also plays a key part in […]

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My link with Trump: hair loss drugs

24th May 2017

Writing recently in the Southland Times, Oliver Smith dryly points out that he’s recently discovered that he actually has something in common with Donald Trump: they both take finasteride to stem hair loss, following the recent revelations about the US President from his personal GP, Dr Harold Borstein. Whilst Smith doesn’t spend too long pondering […]

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TV presenter claims he left his job due to hair loss

23rd May 2017

If you grew up in the States and ever watched the children’s favourite show, Blues Clues, you will have noticed the original host Steve Burns, abruptly disappeared and was replaced by Donovan Patton in 2002. At the time, no explanation was given and the show claimed that Steve had left as the host of the […]

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Almost half the men in South Korea are losing their hair

22nd May 2017

A recent survey, commissioned by Alpecin, has discovered that almost half of the men in South Korea are losing their hair. Surprisingly, the main reason behind these staggering figures was marked as due to stress. It’s no secret that high levels of stress can trigger hair loss. However, what was surprising about the results of […]

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Geordie Shore’s Kyle has a beard transplant

21st May 2017

Kyle Christie, reality star of the Geordie Shore TV show has admitted that he recently has had a beard transplant. Pleased with the results of the twelve hour procedure, Christie has said he always felt insecure about his patchy beard until now. The beard transplant did set him back by £10,000 but now Christie will […]

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Type 2 diabetes and hair loss

20th May 2017

It’s been known for a while that there’s a link between type 2 diabetes and hair loss. In fact, shedding hair is often one of the first noticeable symptoms for people suffering from the disease. Theories abound about why the two things are linked from the fact that diabetes drugs might be causing the side […]

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Gun’n’Roses drummer opens up about hair loss treatment

19th May 2017

Guns’n’Roses set the hard rock tempo in the late 1980s and early 90s. Close your eyes and try to picture the group…what can you see? Possibly Axl Rose in kilt or boxers screaming into the Mic or maybe Slash striking a pose with his guitar, wearing his famous top hat. One thing that we’ll all […]

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Jason McAteer reveals results of hair transplant

17th May 2017

Recently, former Liverpool and Republic of Ireland wing-back footballer, Jason McAteer has revealed that he underwent a hair transplant procedure to combat his receding hairline. He showed off his new look with fuller looking hair and a better defined hairline, while he spoke to the media about feeling self-conscious as his hairline had started thinning […]

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Protected: A Bike Helmet With Hair Loss In Mind

16th May 2017

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Barber’s son offers hair loss tip

16th May 2017

When it comes to hair loss then a tip from a barber’s son is probably worth listening to. In this case John J Rygiel from Wyoming divulged one of his father’s (a barber for 46 years) secrets for disguising a toupee and getting over that awkward moment when you suddenly go from balding to an […]

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A third of men say hair loss affects their confidence

15th May 2017

Men and women alike associate a good hair day with feeling in control and also confident, therefore it comes as no surprise that a 2013 survey found that a third of men said that hair loss was affecting their confidence. From the 1500 men who were randomly surveyed, 629 had already suffered some degree of […]

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Can stress make your hair go grey?

14th May 2017

You’ve probably heard, if not said it yourself, the phrase “I’m going to end up grey because of you”. It’s something that’s often said in humour, but could stress actually cause your hair to go grey? Here you’ll discover the truth behind the claim. Can too much stress cause your hair to go grey? It’s […]

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Are you suffering from “invisible baldness”?

13th May 2017

Invisible baldness is another term for diffuse thinning where hair loss is general even across the scalp. Unlike other forms of hair loss it’s much less obvious as it tends to happen over time and there are none of the obvious bald spots that appear with androgenic alopecia or alopecia areata. The 50% mark is […]

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