Alopecia Areata – Are We Nearing A Cure?

24th May 2016

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPS) has existed for nearly 200 years, it provides leadership and support for pharmacists in England, Scotland and Wales. In an article published earlier this month it offers insight into the progress and challenges facing the research teams hoping to provide a much needed cure for Alopecia Areata, […]

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Bald Really Is Beautiful

22nd May 2016

Well, maybe not beautiful, but a study which indicates a clear preference by women for men with shaved heads comes as welcome, if not altogether surprising, news. We take a closer look. Denial, Anger, Acceptance It is not overstating the case to describe the discovery of hair loss as enough of a trauma to send […]

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Has this company created the pharmaceutical fountain of youth?

21st May 2016

No man likes the idea of going bald, whether they may suit it or not, and now the day may have come where we never have to even consider the possibility of it. Two drugs have dominated the hair loss market over the past decade, but one team of scientists believes this is about to […]

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Space: the Follicle Frontier?

18th May 2016

The stereotypical image of the bald-headed alien visitor to earth may not be as far-fetched as once thought, with new research suggesting that it simply isn’t possible to grow hair in outer space. What the scientists say Japanese researchers have found that the genes responsible for hair growth behave differently in space and that growth […]

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Hair Today…India’s Hair Transplant Surgeons Unite Against “Fly by Night” Operators

17th May 2016

Hair surgeons in India have come together to try to stop fly by night operators. The number of failed hair transplants has grown significantly in recent years due to unqualified, fly by night operators. Fed up with the damage it’s doing to their business, hair transplant surgeons have now written to the medical council to […]

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A New Twist On An Old Solution For Hair Loss – Cyberhair

14th May 2016

People use an extraordinary range of commercial products, treatments and tricks to hide or address their hair loss. Cyberhair, a modern take on an old method, is the latest addition to the arsenal of solutions. We investigate.   Hiding Hair Loss There are of course a well understood range of options open to the hair […]

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Japanese lab grows fully functioning skin in an effort to combat hair loss

13th May 2016

Skin has been grown in labs before, but this skin is different, and scientists are excited at the possibilities it presents for medical and surgical treatments in the future. The scientists Researchers, led by Dr Takashi Tsuji of the Riken Centre for Developmental Biology in Kobe, have finally succeeded in growing all three layers of […]

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Hats Off To Harry Styles

12th May 2016

Not too much nice gets written about Harry Styles, he gets the traditional tabloid treatment of any young man in the spotlight. So it is heartwarming to read that he has made a significant contribution to one of our favourite charities, the Little Princess Trust. His trademark hair.   Harry And His Hair History It […]

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Is Trump’s Hairline the Result of a Dangerous Hair Restoration Op?

09th May 2016

Donald Trump has gained a lot of press over the last few months, largely for all of the wrong reasons. One thing that’s hard to loom past when you see the presidential candidate is his strange, unique hairline. People have compared it to many things including a crested wave and a troll. However, despite its […]

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New Cancer Treatment Promises End To Chemo Hair Loss

08th May 2016

A breakthrough drug delivery system, set for human trials, has achieved remarkable results in mice. Not only does it kickstart the immune system into attacking the tumour it adds the cancerous cells to its list of unwanted enemies that will be attacked again immediately on detection – It also reduces the distressing set of side […]

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Bee Sting Therapy For Hair Loss?

06th May 2016

The venom in the sting of a bee has been used since ancient times in China to treat a range of maladies. News of a clinic in Palestine administering 250 patients a day using the treatment caught our attention, as did the appearance of hair loss in the list of treatable conditions.   Sting Like […]

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Hair Loss Threat To All Women

02nd May 2016

A stark warning to women is reported on – Heavy menstrual cycles have a direct effect on your hair health and can be a cause of substantial hair loss… At least there is something you can do about it.   Healthy Hair Hair is made from a protein called Kerotin. When it is produced […]

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Hope For Chemo Hair Loss Sufferers

26th April 2016

The Tartan, newspaper of the student body at Carnegie Mells, has reported on some of the various strands of research aimed at finding new ways to treat chemo that would remove the threat of hair loss altogether. We take a closer look.   Chemotherapy and Hair Loss The way chemotherapy works is by targetting cells […]

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Study Highlights The Benefits Of Bald

24th April 2016

From the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania comes the results of research aimed at discovering how women really fell about bald men… specifically men with shaved heads – Fair to say that caught our attention.   About The Study Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania conducted a series of […]

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How Scared Are You Of Losing Your Hair?

20th April 2016

In a survey aimed at getting to grips with how men feel about losing their hair it came out as the number 1 fear. We know better than most just how upsetting it can be to suddenly be confronted at the prospect of a life without hair, but just how scary is it? We take […]

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Is Osman Kibar The Man Who Will Cure Hair Loss?

18th April 2016

While the early results for his new drug suggest it may offer an improvement on Rogaine, the current market leader, it is the backstory of Osman Kibar, the company founder, that caught our eye.   Osman Kibar We came across Osman Kibar in an article carried by Forbes Magazine. Having never heard of him before […]

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Hair Loss Treatment Takes a Leaf From The Jungle Book

16th April 2016

It is easy to forget, in these days of CGI scans and nanotechnology in medicine, that until recently all our drugs came from naturally occurring products. What is the future for the ancient herbalist remedies?   How Medicines Are Made Producing new medicines relies on the massive budgets of pharmaceutical giants to produce and test […]

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Losing Your Hair? Swerve the Gym Advises Surgeon

14th April 2016

In news that will come as a shock to the many men who turn to the gym as a direct response to the first sign of hair loss, a Harley Street surgeon has delivered a direct warning on protein shakes and pumping iron. We take a closer look…   Muscles Are Not The Same As […]

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Hair Loss More Common For Women Of Colour

06th April 2016

Newswire reports a study that showed African/American women were more likely to experience hair loss and least likely to do something about it. We take a closer look.   Major Discovery In Research   The American Academy of Dermatology in Schaumburg, Illinois, conducted a meaningful study involving 6000 participants and made some surprising findings. Despite […]

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Yam Scam Confounds Hair Loss Sufferer

04th April 2016

News reaches us that a hair loss sufferer was conned into parting with over a thousand dollars for a sacred vegetable cure. We thought it worth a closer look.   What Makes A Vegetable Sacred? In ancient Chinese belief, any vegetable shaped like a human was considered to be imbued with life by the deities. […]

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Hair Loss Cure Breakthrough

02nd April 2016

From the Riken Centre for Developmental Biology in Japan comes the exciting news that they have grown skin with functional hair follicles. We take a closer look.   The Ambition   Science almost always advances in small steps, standing on the shoulders of giants so to speak. The team of researchers at the Riken Centre […]

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Aclaris Makes It’s Latest Move With Hair Loss Acquisition

31st March 2016

Aclaris Therapeutics are an American pharmaceutical firm with a focus on novel treatments for dermatological problems. Their latest move in the stock market has been to acquire another American pharmaceutical outfit, Vixen… the deal gives Aclaris access to the experimental hair loss treatment being developed there. Worth a closer look we think.   Aclaris Therapeutics […]

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Antonia Hoyle Talks Womens Hair Loss

28th March 2016

Hair loss for women is a huge iceberg of an issue, many are aware of it but there is little discussion and consequently even less understanding. As a new sufferer, Antonia Hoyle, highly regarded freelance writer and journalist, is well-positioned to take on the challenge.   In a column for today’s Daily Telegraph, read the […]

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Will hair become a deciding factor in the presidential debate?

17th March 2016

Studies have long told us that men with thinning hair are deemed ‘less attractive and powerful’ than their thick-haired or shaved counterparts. But what impact could this have on America’s presidential campaign? The current campaign runners offer perhaps the most diverse and interesting hair we’ve seen in politics, but would it really impact their votes? […]

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Jack Ryder – From Hairy Fop To Bald Fashionista

28th February 2016

Jack Ryder spent his teenage years appearing in the UK’s most popular soap, Eastenders. Set in the tough east end of London Ryder was a charming, foppish presence and a big hit with younger female viewers for whom he quickly became a heartthrob. 13 years on he appears in a Daily Mirror article which led […]

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Where Will The Breakthrough Hair Loss Discovery Come From?

28th February 2016

Research into a cure for hair loss has hit new heights in recent years, the advance of technology in medicine has opened entire new fields of study with the seeming promise of an imminent ointment or pill to solve the problem once and for all. Alongside the multi-national teams working together on field trials of […]

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Is A Vegan Diet Bad For Your Hair?

19th February 2016

Led by an army of Hollywood A-Listers, the vegan diet is on the rise. According to an article this week in the Daily Express one in four hundred of us now follow this extreme regime. But Beyonce and her friends are up against the Private Clinic of Harley Street who insist the diet is a […]

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Want To Avoid Hair Loss? Don’t Drink The Water!

17th February 2016

Shocking news from Flint in Michigan where the authorities continue to try and deal with water so corrosive it is damaging the systems lead pipes. The issue has manifested as a multitude of health problems for it’s citizens – including hair loss. That august journal, the New Scientist, has now turned its spotlight on a […]

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Major Breakthrough in Hair Loss Research

15th February 2016

You wait years for an important breakthrough in the search for a hair loss cure… then two turn up in the same week. The other day we reported the work of Tokyo Medical and Dental University, where great strides in understanding the function of stem cells provided important insight into what causes hair follicles to […]

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Stem Cell Research Points Way To Hair Loss Cure

11th February 2016

Stem cell technology is the stuff of dreams. For medicine it holds the possibility of… well, just about everything. The ability to manipulate these building blocks of life has seen scientists take the first steps on the path to a new generation of medicine. The research has now extended to the study of hair loss […]

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