A list of 38 celebrities who have admitted having hair transplant surgery

It is no secret that hair transplants have become more popular in recent years. This is due in part to procedure advancements that result in fewer scars, but also due to greater awareness of what options are available, and also a more accepting attitude towards those who have had a procedure. This has been driven largely by a number of high profile celebrities who have opted for hair transplant surgery in recent years. Although celebrities undoubtedly make up the vast minority of total procedures, it is those who are in the public eye who we inevitably get to hear about most often. We have covered a number of stories on this site in recent years about actors, singers etc who have had a procedure, so for your convenience we have archived them here for perusal: Jason Donovans hair transplant was ‘his own business’ Celtic players Leigh Griffiths and Anthony Stokes have hair transplants Joe Swash admits to hair transplant surgery to hide baldness Sylvester Stallone had a hair transplant The story behind Sean Penn’s hair transplant operation What do you think of Billy Bob Thornton’s hair transplant? Phil Tufnell on his recent hair transplant: men are becoming more metrosexual Marty Whelan from TV’s Winning Streak has hair transplant Brazil’s Senate President repays his ‘hair transplant’ flight Silvio Berlusconi hair transplant rumours Will Ferrell, hair loss and hair transplant surgery Calum Best has second hair transplant Second hair transplant for Embarrassing Bodies Dr Christian Jessen Ricky Ponting and the Yeah Yeah Club Johnny Depp hair transplant revelations A hair transplant for Bradley Cooper? Stylist James Brown’s hair transplant procedure A hair transplant for Bono? A Hair Transplant for John Cleese Mr Selfridge had a £9000 hair transplant Salman Khans hair transplant 22,000 view Michael Gray’s hair transplant Elton John hair transplant photos The Simon Pegg hair transplant story The Louis Walsh hair transplant story The Edward Norton hair transplant story Kyran Brackens hair transplant The Joe Biden hair transplant story The Jude Law hair transplant story The John Travolta hair transplant story The Declan Donnelly hair transplant story The Rob Brydon Hair Transplant Story The Duncan Bannatyne hair transplant story The James Nesbitt hair transplant story The Jason Gardiner Hair Transplant Story The Kevin Costner hair transplant story Wayne Rooney Twitter revelations confirmed by Harley Street hair transplant surgeon Matthew McConaughey hair transplant speculation



By Ian Watson


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