Coming to terms with your hair loss? Struggling to shave those few remaining strands? Let Kit Dale be your guide and baptize yourself into the brotherhood of the bald. Every community needs a figure or two to inspire and lead the rest of us. Whatever the community’s identity may be rooted in: ethnic origin, gender, political allegiance, religious, athletic, geographical, physical exceptionality or limitation, etc., there is always someone who stands out in front for the rest. Sometimes that figure reminds of us our community’s history and capability, such as the late great Winston Churchill did for England in his bulldogged determination and uncrushable spirit. But what of the balding community? It’s no secret that losing one’s hair can be a life altering, confidence-rocking ordeal. For some, balding is one of the worst physical alterations one could endure. So who can we look to as someone that stands out front not only on our behalf, but as one of us; someone to serve as a reminder that what was once viewed as a deficiency, can actually become one of our greatest physical traits? It would be easy to point bald men like Bruce Willis or Jason Statham, both who rock the bald look with absolute confidence. However, one could argue that the fame and fortune happened long before the balding began and the shaved look became apart of their style and brand. Perhaps someone who is out in front, but not an insulated celebrity; someone more public than the common man, but still relatable., a website dedicated to “help[ing] people escape mediocrity and become exceptional. To help people achieve their inner desires and fulfill their dreams”, did an article on a such person. That bald man’s name is Kit Dale. Dale, a two time world Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt, is a well known personality throughout the combat sports community. D&C writes a hard charged article profiling Dale and his accomplishments, all while highlighting how Dale being bald has never slowed him down or stunted his success. Between training students and competing around the world in Brazilian jiu jitsu, and loading up his YouTube page with hilarious videos, Dale’s baldness has down nothing to stunt his confidence or hold him back. Whether your hair loss makes you feel like your social life is going to be spoiled, or that the general public is somehow going to see you in a negative light, D&C points to Dale as an example of all the positive things that can and do come from being bald. With Dale as the subject of the article, D&C encourages those losing their hair to embrace it, to accept it, hell, to revel in it because nothing quite like shaving head can look so uniquely masculine. A great point that D&C makes is that Dale didn’t just accept going bald, but instead made it part of his character. Again, with Dale at the center of the article, D&C offers up what he refers to as four critical traits for owning one’s baldness: 1. Style – the well dressed man gets ahead in life. It’s science, apparently. 2. An epic beard (as much apart of Dale’s signature bald look, but the guy still looks pretty bad ass without the beard) 3. An outstanding physique — you can’t grow the hair back, but you can grow those muscles. Biggest setback of hair loss? Reduced confidence. One way to get it back is to hit the gym and get in shape. 4. Personality and Character — bald or not, no one cares for someone with a flat personality. Few things look more desperate and scream low self-esteem like a comb over. D&C puts that hair loss “solution” on blast. And we agree. Lets be honest, the comb over doesn’t fool anyone, so why bother. Instead, embrace the shave and move forward. “Pretending that you still have hair when you don’t is the most serious mistake a man can do…You have to accept the problem and don’t try to cover it.” Beyond the obvious upgrade in appearance, D&C makes a fascinating point about the subliminal message a shaved bald head sends to the public. The article states, “having the courage to shave your head shows that you can take care of your problems with maturity and decisiveness!” Wow. Doesn’t get more alpha male than that. For more on the bald bad ass that is Kit Dale, check out the article over at Kit Dale



By Ian Watson


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