It has been a complete delight to be the Co-Founder of HIS Hair Clinic, established in 2002, and be part of an ingenious duo. Giving my time to develop an innovation which has become an established, respected, well known hair loss treatment worldwide known as Scalp Micro Pigmentation or SMP.

I am very proud to say I developed and performed the first ever treatment of this kind and thousands more consequently globally for celebrities and royals. During my time running HIS Hair Clinic I have become a specialist in my own right in all aspects of hair loss and have developed a wealth of knowledge on the most effective hair loss solutions available. I fully comprehend male hair loss patterns and the emotional affects it can have on a man’s confidence, however being a woman and personally suffering hair loss myself I also understand the psychological effects many women suffer too. Incredibly 50% of women suffer hair loss at some point in their lives. One of the main purposes of setting up HIS Hair Clinic was to treat and assist men effected by Alopecia and male pattern baldness (MPB), however over the years we have seen an huge increase in the number of female clients who also need our services which led me to create Hair Loss For Women. The ethos and fundamentals of the business are the same as our male led clinic, but women feel more confident in attending a female focused service where their individual needs are assessed and they are put at ease with reassurance and honest advice with no false promises. My personal goal and passion is very much instilled from the HIS Hair Clinic culture where the number one priority is to ensure each and every client is completely informed about what options they have available to them and then given the very best advice to match their own personal circumstances and needs. Inevitably the best hair loss solution are ones were any remaining hair one has, if any, is utilised and provides the most natural looking end results. Personally I found that several hair loss solutions were necessary to reach my own goal which is why we are able to offer all the major hair loss solutions and tailor make bespoke treatment plans to meet the individuals lifestyle and needs. I chose to test the main female hair loss solutions to rectify my hair loss problem and for this reason I can not only talk confidently from a personal opinion but also from a technical perspective with of course the personal passion. When I’m advising my clients, below is a short list of the treatments I have undergone:
  • Herbal remedies
  • Shampoos
  • PRP
  • Laser Therapy (LLLT) combined with Derma Roller
  • Mesotherapy
  • Minoxidil (Rogaine)
The initiation behind all of the research and development I have carried out was really for one quest and that was to combat my business partner, Ian’s, hair loss issue. Having successfully developed a cosmetic camouflage technique to disguise his patches of hair loss, we then collectively conducted several years of research, development and refinement and created a realistic technique which has become a really popular well accepted hair loss solution for men and women and is internationally recognised as one of the major hair loss solutions. Over the last 10 years SMP has become accepted in the hair loss market and made its own place amongst all the different hair loss solutions. I am extremely proud to be the genuine innovator of Scalp MicroPigmentation, helping individuals in such a positive manner and changing lives all over the world is a dream job. With an BA (hons) I have been instrumental in the global expansion of the HIS Hair Clinics network and a MA in Education combined with a Teaching degree and years of teaching and training experience has shaped our world renowned Training Academy from where I have personally been the pioneer behind all of the HIS training, having written training course materials and providing practical training to hair transplant surgeons performing this technique and providing them with comprehensive knowledge and understanding to give them the tools to give talks and lectures at the hair restoration confederations. I have taken full responsibility of training all of our practitioners and you will realise there are a few individuals in the field who profess to be specialists in SMP but digging a little deeper they are either past employees, past clients or individuals I have trained, but all of these individuals come with limited knowledge and experience within the field as non have reached the realms of research conducted within HIS by myself. With over a decade of conducting clinical trials, a practising Tricologist I am honoured to say there is no second best to the service and quality we provide throughout our network of International hair loss clinics for both men and women. For this reason I have now started to offer our training programmes externally to salvage the industry from poor quality treatments. If I can provide any assistance to you as a man, woman suffering with hair loss I would be only to pleased to hear from you and then aim to advise and assist to meet your expectations and share my experience and knowledge to discuss what options are available to meet you personal circumstances and requirements so we can overcome any issues you may have with your hair loss. Ranbir Rai-Watson Co-Founder HIS Hair Clinic Founder & CEO Hair loss for women The Hair Medic – Trichologist

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