As word is spreading about the MHT® technique, we are treating more and more clients suffering from alopecia who come to us to camouflage the affected areas. There are actually several different types of alopecia, and each one is unique in the areas it affects, how quickly it causes hair to shed and how long the individual is likely to suffer from it. Some forms of alopecia are mild, affecting small patches of body or facial hair. Others are more aggressive, affecting the whole body very quickly indeed. To clarify how to identify the different forms of alopecia, we have created a new alopecia treatment page on our site explaining the most common types. If you have any further questions or would like some advice please feel free to contact us. Whilst MHT® scalp pigmentation can be used to treat all forms of alopecia, our advice remains open, honest and impartial.



By Damien


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