The redemptive story of British MP Nadine Dorries and her return to a full head of hair after a traumatic brush with alopecia.   Nadine Dorries was well-known to British readers as an outspoken and rebellious backbench Member of Parliament on the ruling Conservative side. Her views on a range of topics had meant she was regularly seen in the media, she seemed well set for a career in either politics or TV. Then, in 2012, she made the disastrous choice to go on TV reality show “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” while still a sitting MP. Her argument was that she saw it as a great platform to show herself in true light, maybe even to get some of her ideas across to members of the public who would not normally hear them. It’s A Jungle Out There grub She had obviously never seen the show. She spent a pretty miserable time in an Australian jungle surviving on “bush tucker”. If she said anything of note while there it was edited out and she returned to a media frenzy. In the aftermath she was suspended by the Conservatives despite support coming from the members in her own constituency. Nadine blames that period for triggering the hair loss. Shock of Discovery what Nadine eventually discovered, in 2013, her alopecia while watching herself on television being interviewed for News at Ten. The shock of the discovery was coupled with the knowledge that millions of fellow viewers had just made the same discovery. She was devastated. Road to Recovery road Being Nadine she immediately embarked on a campaign of self-education, finding out that 40% of menopausal women experience female pattern hair loss for which there is no effective cure. Nadine’s own condition was alopecia areata, it can be bought on by stress and would often resolve itself in 6 months to a year. Nadine’s return to a full head of hair involved her trying everything off the shelf from shampoos to supplements. She credits a change in diet, adding red meat having read that iron plays an important role in women’s hair growth. But she also engaged with the hair loss industry through a course of Nanopeptide Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is the practice of delivering vitamins, nutrients, medicine, pain-killers etc, directly to site using very fine needles. Nadine was advised to hold a hot water bottle on her head in the evening after treatment to promote blood flow to the region and aid absorption. Today, Nadine is walking, and very much talking, proof that hair loss for women need not be a permanent condition. Identifying the cause in each case is the key to successful treatment so the sooner you visit your doctor or trichologist the better. To read the original article, published in the Daily Mail please click here



By Ian Watson


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