Alopecia Barbae is not harmful but can be upsetting to those who suffer through it. It isn’t correlated to any other health issues and doesn’t affect your overall health. It is fairly typical for men who experience patches of facial hair loss to experience it again at another point in time, though the barbae form of alopecia does not indicate or boost your probability for other varieties of alopecia or hair loss. Alopecia Barbae is a relatively rare kind of alopecia. Just about 2% of men experience a kind of alopecia areata where hair falls out in sporadic areas. Epidemiologists generally believe it is an autoimmune condition where the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy human tissue because it believes the body is under attack. The hair follicles become inflamed and your hair can fall out sometimes in just a couple of days.

Can Alopecia Barbae be treated?

Yes. For more information, please see our Alopecia Treatment page, our case studies and our gallery.



By Damien


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