Alopecia Totalis is, fortunately, a rare condition. It affects a small minority even among Alopecia sufferers, but it can affect anyone at any time and is, as Gail Porter (pictured below) will testify, always a devastating experience. So, Alopecia Totalis – What are it’s causes and what can be done?


What Is Alopecia Totalis?

porter2 Although it can affect anyone at any time it is predominantly noticed in children and young adults who would typically be under the age of 40. It’s beginnings can be very sudden with rapid loss of hair from the entire head… hair can even be lost from the eyebrows and beard area…. Essentially the Totalis form of Alopecia is a magnified version of the Areata form of the condition – In which patches, often circular, appear randomly across the head, when Areata is deemed to have become Totalis those patches will be so large as to affect the entire scalp. In extreme cases it can result in the loss of all body hair and even leave fingernails brittle and ridged in appearance.

What Causes It?

immune system While much is not known, including the exact triggers, it is firmly established that it comes about as a reaction of your own auto-immune system developing a disorder which sees it attack your own hair follicles.

What Can I Do?

I can help In some cases the hair will return to its original condition after a matter of months. For most, while there may be some improvement over time, it becomes a condition they must learn to live with. A cure remains as elusive as a deep understanding of the triggers and processes. There are a range of products and treatments which may help suppress the symptoms. corticosteroid injections, topical corticosteroid creams and lotions, minoxidil lotion, immunotherapy, dithranol cream and ultraviolet light treatment. To check out which of these might be appropriate (or inappropriate) in your situation the best starting place would be your own doctor.

Keep A Sense Of Perspective

perspective   Leaving to one side the millions of men and women who suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia, that form of hair loss which is the most common and better known as male or female pattern baldness, Alopecia affects a very small number of people. Only about 2% of men and 1% of women will have any form of Alopecia, of those only about 2% will go on to develop Totalis… while it can be difficult not to experience feelings of anxiety that any condition may go on to become more serious it is just as important to remember these statistics are very much in your favour.

HIS Hair – Here To Help

about-his If for any reason this is not a subject you wish to discuss with your own physician then a free consultation with one of your experts is a great option – with full access to our medical team they are able to advise on suitable treatments for any medical condition you might present with. Click here to find your nearest clinic.  



By Ian Watson


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