Alopecia UK is the largest charity in the United Kingdom supporting people with all types of alopecia. The charity was founded in 2004, and registered with the charity commission in September 2005. alopecia uk

What is Alopecia?

The term “alopecia” is a general terminology used to describe hair loss. This can be a small bald patch on the head, or the loss of all the hair over the entire body. For more information about the various forms of this common condition, see our Alopecia Treatment page.

What help can Alopecia UK provide?

Alopecia UK work to increase awareness of alopecia amongst the general public, increasing understanding of the types of alopecia and the psychological implications of living with the condition. Adjusting to your changed appearance and dealing with others reactions to hair loss can be hard, but good information and the support and friendship of others with alopecia does help. Alopecia UK provide advice and support, and also run local support groups around the UK. Although many alopecia sufferers use our own HIS hair loss forum, we advise all clients with the condition to visit the dedicated Alopecia UK discussion forum, where the various discussions are likely to be more specific to their individual circumstances. Alopecia UK also operate a site called HeadzUp, made just for children and teens suffering from alopecia.

Contact Alopecia UK

5 Titchwell Road London SW18 3LW Tel: +44 (0)20 8333 1661



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