Not all clients who come to HIS Hair Clinic suffer from severe hair loss. Andrew has a very defined hairline, and when it started to recede, he decided to take immediate action. We used our Scalp Pigmentation MHT® to redefine his hair line and restore his youthful look. Andrew requested that we leave his scar untreated. You can read Andrews forum post here



By Damien


  1. c-hairman says:

    One of my favorite case studies. The treatment gave you a very sharp, fresh, and youthful look. Very nice job!!!

  2. Rodrigo says:

    Was the ‘After’ picture taken right after the treatment? his skin looks a little irritated, or is that some kind of pigment discoloration?

  3. Hisadmin says:

    @ Rodrigo – The after photo was taken immediately following treatment. Andrew is from LA and had his treatment in the UK, so it wasnt straightforward for him to come back to the clinic at a later date for photographs

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