Womens hair loss for years has been a closely guarded secret, the longstanding reliance on wigs to hide the problem, even from close family members, meant that most men were never aware how common it was. It also meant that for women discovering their own hair loss came as a terrible shock.

With wider discussion and the availability of the internet recent years have seen a huge improvement in that situation. It is now generally known that as many women as men will suffer from hair loss at some time in their lives. Unlike men there are a whole range of triggers that can lead to temporary hair loss, even pregnancy can shock the system into a phase of increased shedding and anogen, or resting, hair follicles. Unfortunately, for millions of women the advance of female pattern hair loss is an irreversible process. That does not mean it can not be slowed down or even stopped – and there are a few treatments available, the significant difference in approach to treatment between men and women is that the primary drug, proven to slow down or even halt the process, is only sanctioned for use by men. inneov So news that some serious R&D has been performed on a completely non-toxic solution is very welcome. Using substances that will be vaguely familiar to everyone as good for you, a team pooling talent from Labaratoire Inneov in Paris and the University of Miami, and using a private clinic in Italy to run their trial, has tested the efficacy of a 6 month course of supplements involving omega 3 & 6


The study group involved 120 women, 60 pre menopause and 60 post menopause. As you can see from the photographs above and the table below, results were impressive and evidenced a clear correlation between the use of the supplements and increased hair density.
Change in hair density after 6 months evaluated from photographs by the expert
Supplement group N = 79 (%) Control group N = 39 (%)
−3: greatly decreased 0 0
−2: moderately decreased 0 5.1
−1: slightly decreased 5.1 23.1
0: no change 32.9 43.6
1: slightly increased 32.9 28.2
2: moderately increased 27.8 0
3: greatly increased 1.3 0

Looking Ahead

It seems likely we will see products based on these supplements with us in the near future – unlike many of the solutions that go to human testing there are no synthesized compounds which would require years of testing before being declared safe. The use of relatively simple omega fatty acids and other supplementary antioxidants means there are no unknown quantities. They could hold the promise of providing women with an effective weapon for early use in the battle against female pattern hair loss.



By Ian Watson


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