As the big-beard man-bun hipster trend continues to grow through its peak, we here at HIS pride ourselves on saving the shaved from the depths of low-level confidence. We also like to steer our customers clear from the mess of a hair transplant – but now we’ve got a new enemy – the beard transplant. Acting as the anti-hero for all of the baby-faced boys in the room, beard transplants are quickly becoming the talk of the town. The procedure usually works by taking hair from the back of the patient’s scalp and transplanting it into the bald patches of the patient’s beard and sideburns. All about the stat’s Image result for statistics clipart The cold, hard truth is that no matter how much you want to look like Jared Leto, David Beckham, or Hugh Jackman – 45% of you just can’t. That’s right, 45% of the world’s population of men can’t grow a full beard. With the trend rising and rising, beard transplant popularity has increased by 25% over the past three years. It’s not just the statistical evidence at hand that highlights the rise of the beard transplant – it’s the people behind them too. Renowned facial specialist and plastic surgeon Dr Jamil Asaria has noted that in his Toronto clinic alone, they would usually see beard-transplant patients once or twice a year if that, now they’re seeing them and completing transplants on a weekly basis. In just a few years, it’s gone from being a yearly chore to a weekly necessity. The Negatives Image result for drawbacks clipart public domain Whilst the thought of a fully-fledged man-beard to boost your masculinity points and top up your pride is a wonderful thought, the growing hole in your bank account may or may not change your mind. If you’re one of the patchier clients, you’ll be looking at a major restoration that’ll set you back anywhere from $5000-$15,000 (£3,200-£9,800). This hefty price-tag all depends on how many hairs are transplanted due to the fact that each individual hair follicle needs to be individually harvested from one part of the body to the face. The number of follicles can range from 500 to 2,000. An average session can last from three hours to a whole day – it’ll eat up your time to as well as your wallet. Along with a hefty price tag and lengthy session time, beard transplants come with a series of unfortunate side effects. There’s a 1% risk of folliculitis – the infection of the follicle – but don’t worry too much, a course of antibiotics will stop the irritable itching. You’ll most likely start swelling for at least a week, and you’ll almost certainly get a few in-grown hairs along the way. The worst side-effect is the 10% chance that they’ll be a rejection of the follicle – which you really don’t want. Whether you want to be in with the big boys or not, it may be worth considering your options and whether or not the ability to grow a fully-functioning, non-patchy beard is really the right thing for you. Alternative Options Whilst we here at HIS can’t help those of you looking for a beard, we certainly can help those of you looking for a full head of hair without the mess of a transplant. We’re the world’s leading practitioners in Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) treatment – a non-surgical alternative that involves the application of special pigments via a variety of needles to the area of the scalp requiring attention. With over 100 unique pigment colours, and seventeen clinics in nine countries across four continents, we’re all about catering for you and helping you get back to where you were. If you think we can help you, or somebody you know, please contact us today and book a consultation now.



By Ian Watson


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