Based in Atlanta Georgia, Artistic Hair Loss Solutions is a permanent make up company, now claiming to offer effective scalp pigmentation services to both male and female hair loss sufferers. Their services are sold under the banners of Artistic Hair Simulation and Artistic Hair Shading. Artistic Hair Loss Solutions run two websites
As we stress throughout our website, MHT® is a highly specialised technique that has taken years of dedication to perfect. As the original innovators of scalp pigmentation techniques as a solution for hair loss, HIS Hair Clinics justifiably claim to have more knowledge, more experience and to have treated more clients than anyone else, anywhere in the world. Companies such as Artistic Hair Loss Solutions specialise in permanent make up. The application of permanent make up and MHT® scalp pigmentation are completely different. As HIS Hair Clinics run the worlds only scalp pigmentation training programme, if these individuals have not been properly trained, ask yourself what assurances you have of a quality service and an effective treatment. Those considering treatment by an inexperienced practitioner should view this page, and this forum thread. We also note that Artistic Hair Loss Solutions collaborate with Headstyl, a company known to HIS Hair Clinics. For more information, click here. The services offered by HIS Hair Clinics and Artistic Hair Loss Solutions are very different. For information about our MHT® scalp pigmentation technique and how we’re transforming the lives of hair loss sufferers around the world, please see our Treatment section



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