Medications That Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss is a side-effect of several treatments that awaits many of us. Some of those treatments are associated with advancing age, others can affect anyone at any age. We take a closer look at some common medications that cause hair loss.    Hair Loss There are so many triggers for hair loss. Many of […]

Is This A New Hair Loss Cure?

An American hairdresser has been gaining popularity with a potential hair loss cure. Her video demonstrating the technique has had nearly 50K views and received messages in praise. So we ask, is this a new hair loss cure?    Nicola Chatfield  Nicola is an American hairdresser. She offers a range of services from her website […]

Will Gene Editing Cure Hair Loss

Gene editing is at the cutting edge of scientific advances in medicine. News of results released this week suggests hair loss will be on the list of curable conditions. We look closer.    CRISPR Gene Editing Scientists discovered an enzyme, Cas9 (or CRISPR-associated), that had an amazing property. They found that it could be used […]

Study Reveals Hair Loss Hope

A US-led study has just published results of some amazing research. It points to a previously unknown process playing a key role in hair loss.    Hair Growth Process Our understanding of how hair grows has been improving for a while now. As we peel away at layers of complexity we must get ever nearer […]

Amazing Hair Loss Discovery

A team at Massachusetts General Hospital has just announced the results of a recent study. While researching a possible new tool in the fight against the condition they have made an amazing hair loss discovery. We take a closer look.   Hair Loss Study Sheraz Khan, Ph.D., lead author on the study, published his team’s […]

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