Beard transplants surge in popularity, thanks to stars like BeckhamThe beard hasn’t enjoyed such popularity since Victorian times, with an estimated 52% of men sporting some kind of facial hair. With trend setters like Tom Hardy, David Beckham and Ben Affleck leading the fray and substantial research to suggest that men with beards are generally more attractive to the opposite sex the beard trends looks here to stay for a while longer at least.

What if you can’t grow a beard?

This is, of course great news for the more hirsute amongst us but what if you can only manage a bit of patchy growth or maybe nothing at all? Well fortunately there is a solution to this problem that’s enjoying a surge in popularity: the beard transplant.

Shaving a new beard within six months

The £4000 operation is similar to the more well-established hair transplant in which healthy hair follicles are migrated from a donor area on the scalp to the bald areas. In the case of a beard transplant the bald areas just happen to be on the face, rather than the top of the head. This does add some complication as the skin on the face tends to be more elastic and less taut than on the scalp making it harder to work with when implanting new follicles. Despite this, the success rates for the procedure are good and most men can expect new hair growth within a couple of months and to be shaving the transplanted areas within six months.

Beard transplanting is an art form

The surgeons who carry out the procedure talk in artistic terms about their creations. Something that’s too uniform and straight will look jarring so It’s all about subtle imperfections to create an overall natural look. Dr Edward Ball, a member of The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery claims, “Like a painter, you need to stand back, get new perspectives, and make sure it’s coming together as a whole.” For more information, why not book a free consultation.



By Ian Watson


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