Former Ms. Delaware Kayla Martell inspires millions of women who suffer from hair loss by addressing the stigma of hair loss in women. Lady of the Hour Kayla Martel In 2011, Kayla Martell won the Ms. Delaware competition and would go on to compete for Miss America (and finish in the top 10), despite that fact she was and is completely bald. The 25 year old Martell began losing her hair when she was only 11 years old. Despite suffering from alopecia areata (see more about it here) Martell never let her hair loss stop her from living a full life and achieving her goals. And now she serves as a source of inspiration for other women suffer-ing from their own hair loss. Forget the Elephant – What About the Bald Lady in the Room? elephant in the room Roughly 1 out of every 4 women in America suffer from some form of thinning or hair loss; that’s approximately 7.5 million women across the country. Yet despite a quarter of America’s ladies suffering from this, it’s a topic that’s rarely discussed. Why Have I Never Heard About This Problem? cant hear According to Martell she thinks it may have something to do with the stigma of hair loss in women, which is there’s some sort of illness or disease. When men lose their hair, there are a host of internal and external factors: genetics, stress, etc. But with women, it’s typically assumed that the woman in question is sick. “When my hair started coming out, the thing that I remember the most is that I had never met another woman who was losing her hair except for women who are going through chemotherapy treatments,” she told Fox News Latino, “so in my mind I connected the dots of my hair falling out to me being very sick.” The stats suggest that she has in fact met many many women sufferers… which at least testifies to the quality of solutions available but at the same time, as long as it remains a taboo subject a new sufferer might struggle to find the best providers. Friendship Formed friends A real conversation about female hair loss began for Martell when she met Flora Fuentes, a fe-male hair loss specialist and owner of Unique Hair Concepts — a company specializing in hair prosthetics for women suffering for hair loss. It was Fuentes who outfitted Martell with a hair prosthetic for the Miss America pageant and the one she continues to use today. The two are working together to eliminate the stigma that comes with female hair loss, each bring their own expertise on the subject to the table. Fuentes explains that there are numerous various reasons that would cause female hair loss: “hormonal changes, post pregnancy, menopause and thyroid conditions, among others.” Fight to Move Forward and Past the Stigma possible Both women agree that biggest hurdle when it comes to recovery for woman suffering hair loss is getting the word and better information out there on the topic and the options available. Martel and Fuentes have embarked on a nationwide speaking tour to educate women about their op-tions. “I found something that worked for me, worked for my lifestyle, and helped me to look beautiful again, but it took some time to regain that confidence,” Martell said. Many women don’t realize that there are solutions like low level light therapy, scalp therapy, cosmetic hair restora-tion, and modern hair pieces and extensions, to name a few. “Women come up to us and hug us and say ‘thank you I had no idea that this was available’,” said Fuentes. ”A lot of women feel like they are alone, like they are the only ones suffering from thinning hair.” Together, Martell and Fuentes hope to empower women by discussing female hair loss openly and creating an awareness that gives women hope and confidence. If you’re a woman suffering from hair loss, don’t hesitate to contact HIS Hair Clinic to discuss what options would best for you. For more about Kayla Martel, check out her story here



By Ian Watson


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