Scalp Micropigmentation is well into its second decade now, it has come a long way since Ian and Ranbir, the founders of HIS Hair Clinic, invented the treatment and bought it to the market back in 2002 (read the history here). Since then it has grown into a worldwide business. Its success and popularity has been predicated on the quality of their work and the total commitment of the team at HIS Hair. In the early years they had to fend off challenges from tattooists and semi-permanent make-up artists who have attempted to copy the techniques, invariably with poor results due to the different equipment and pigments used. In more recent times there have appeared a number of more serious challengers, clinics who have opened up to provide SMP as their sole offering. Some of them by former employees of HIS Hair, trained by Ian and Ranbir and capable of delivering high quality work. Of course once they leave HIS Hair they cease to benefit from the unceasing efforts of Ian and Ranbir to constantly improve every aspect of the service. As an example the work currently being done to perfect a combination of SMP and FUE is set to introduce what might almost be viewed as another alternative… where the client can wear their hair short rather than shaving – using SMP to camouflage the small FUE scars and adding density to the hair itself. Our Blog pen The idea behind the blog was always to provide a place where the new could meet the experienced with views and expertise, fears and expectations, all being shared. It has succeeded beyond all ambitions. With well over 1000 posts now, the blog has firmly established itself as essential reading for anyone needing to learn about this alternative to Hair Transplants and Hair Replacement Systems. As sufferers ourselves we understand the effect of discovering your hair loss for the first time and the importance of a source of reliable information. It is hair loss that brings you here. Whether you are a forty something unwilling to accept the terrible turn of the page that hair loss seems to imply, or a teenager for whom hair loss has come as an awful shock that has completely undermined your self-confidence, there is important information here for you. It is Easy to Advise the Wise share So said Horace, everyone’s favourite Roman Poet (he also gave us: “Carpe Diem” and “Rather lose a good friend than miss a good joke”). With him in mind then, the other instant benefit to new visitors of being on the oldest SMP site in the industry is access to our forum. There you will find plenty of clients happy and willing to share their experience… some kind enough to still be sharing their stories many years after their initial treatment and some who will even arrange to meet up for a coffee/beer to show you their own treatment. On there you will find a breathtaking level of expertise on the medical side, some comes from the clinics and the moderator but invariably the best contributions come from external posters who have nothing to do with the business beyond having been clients at some point in the past. There are also wordsmiths, people capable of expressing the distress, who can help you come to terms with and become more positive about your condition. What you are guaranteed on the forum is a safe supportive environment in which to ask your questions, post your pictures, and get genuine feedback from people who will positively surprise you with just how much they care… borne of genuine empathy from those who have been down the road you find yourself on. In Conclusion HIS Hair remain the stand out provider in the industry. The depth of this blog and the sheer volume of posters to our forum are powerful support for that view. Advice that comes up time and again, particularly for those unfortunate enough not to live close enough to a HIS Hair Clinic to make them a viable option, is to perform full due diligence on your provider. That due diligence on HIS Hair can start and end with this website and the contacts you will make on it. When you are ready for your free consultation, which can be done on Skype and even with high resolution digital images, you can be certain a warm welcome from the world leaders is waiting for you.  



By Ian Watson


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