Samsung Enter Hair Loss Market

17th December 2019

Samsung has teased a list of new products we can look forward to seeing at an upcoming tech show. Included is a device with an app that is built to help us manage our hair and scalp. We look closer.    Samsung Electronics We are always pleased to announce newcomers to the hair loss market. […]

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Scientists Reveal New Hair Loss Mechanism

13th December 2019

A New York team of scientists has uncovered a previously unknown mechanism involved in hair loss. It creates an entirely new avenue of research, one that might lead to new drugs that can help sufferers. We look closer.    Dermal Papilla Cells A team at New York’s Icahn School of Medicine in Mount Sinai has […]

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New World Beating Hair Loss Treatment

09th December 2019

Follica has been beavering away at their hair loss cure for some time. Now they have announced the results of Phase II Testing and may just have something really exciting on their hands. We look closer.   FDA Approval Marques The FDA has only ever approved two hair loss medications for the treatment of androgenetic […]

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Five Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

05th December 2019

With so many products on offer, all claiming benefits for those trying to save their hair, it can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. We offer our favourite five, five natural remedies for hair loss that we can all apply ourselves using products from the local shop.    Natural Hair Loss Remedies […]

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Medications That Cause Hair Loss

01st December 2019

Hair loss is a side-effect of several treatments that awaits many of us. Some of those treatments are associated with advancing age, others can affect anyone at any age. We take a closer look at some common medications that cause hair loss.    Hair Loss There are so many triggers for hair loss. Many of […]

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Is This A New Hair Loss Cure?

27th November 2019

An American hairdresser has been gaining popularity with a potential hair loss cure. Her video demonstrating the technique has had nearly 50K views and received messages in praise. So we ask, is this a new hair loss cure?    Nicola Chatfield  Nicola is an American hairdresser. She offers a range of services from her website […]

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Will Gene Editing Cure Hair Loss

23rd November 2019

Gene editing is at the cutting edge of scientific advances in medicine. News of results released this week suggests hair loss will be on the list of curable conditions. We look closer.    CRISPR Gene Editing Scientists discovered an enzyme, Cas9 (or CRISPR-associated), that had an amazing property. They found that it could be used […]

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Major Film Breaking Bald Taboo

19th November 2019

Bollywood has just seen the launch of a first, a film with a bald central character. More than that, a film where the fact that the main character is balding is the central theme. We look closer.   Bollywood The fact that the Indian film industry has a larger output than Hollywood is well known. […]

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Study Reveals Hair Loss Hope

15th November 2019

A US-led study has just published results of some amazing research. It points to a previously unknown process playing a key role in hair loss.    Hair Growth Process Our understanding of how hair grows has been improving for a while now. As we peel away at layers of complexity we must get ever nearer […]

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Allergan To Reenter Hair Loss Market

11th November 2019

It can only be good news, to see a major global pharmaceutical firm with hair loss on its agenda. Especially true after failing at an advanced stage last year with one promising product. With Allergan to reenter the hair loss market on the back of an announcement this week, we had to take a closer […]

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Amazing Hair Loss Discovery

07th November 2019

A team at Massachusetts General Hospital has just announced the results of a recent study. While researching a possible new tool in the fight against the condition they have made an amazing hair loss discovery. We take a closer look.   Hair Loss Study Sheraz Khan, Ph.D., lead author on the study, published his team’s […]

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Hair Care Tips For Hair Loss Sufferers

03rd November 2019

Taking care of our hair is something we all spend time doing. This is even more true for those of us experiencing hair loss. Here are our hair care tips for hair loss sufferers who want to give their hair its very best chance.    Healthy Hair Routine We all understand the importance of keeping […]

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Is My Workout Causing Hair Loss?

29th October 2019

So many of us make a visit to the gym part of our routine these days, for so many good reasons. We take a closer look at the question, is my workout causing hair loss? Exploring how it can and what you can do about it.      The Benefits of A Workout The 1980s […]

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Amino Acids For Hair Loss

25th October 2019

Among the regularly prescribed natural remedies for hair loss are amino acids. We take a closer look at these building blocks of life.    Amino Acids These organic compounds are what our body uses to create proteins. There are a total of 21 different amino acids. Some are more important than others, but they combine […]

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Young Men At Hair Loss Risk

21st October 2019

Research from Korea has just been published. It links hair loss to overwork in men as young as their twenties. We take a closer look at why work puts young men at hair loss risk.   Hair Loss In Young Men Hair loss will affect the majority of us during our lifetime. The age at […]

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What You Need To Know About Hair Transplants

16th October 2019

They have been increasing in popularity ever since they were introduced. Men, in particular, were fascinated by the idea they could defeat hair loss. Today on the internet, there is a wealth of information on the most popular version, FUE. However, prospective patients often forget to ask some key questions. So on their behalf, we […]

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Hair Loss Caused By Pollution

12th October 2019

Research results have been presented at a major conference confirming a cause for hair loss. Korean funded research has shown that hair loss caused by pollution is very real. We take a closer look.   Air Pollution Whether or not hair loss caused by pollution is a real thing seems almost rhetorical. Our hair is […]

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Nobel Prize for Hair Loss?

08th October 2019

This years winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine has been announced. While there is no Nobel Prize for hair loss, the winning work might have implications for sufferers everywhere. We take a closer look.   Nobel Prize Serial inventor Alfred Nobel, passed away aged 63 in 1896. By then he held 355 separate patents. […]

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Can I Avoid Chemo Hair Loss?

04th October 2019

Immunotherapy has long held the promise of a new treatment for cancer that avoided hair loss. But it has been held back by some significant shortcomings. A team at Yale in the US has been working on a new technique that may be about to change the answer to the question, can I avoid chemo […]

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Can 3D Printers Cure Hair Loss

01st October 2019

3D printing threatens to change the world as we know it. From printing new skin to bases on Mars, there is not much that is not expected from these incredible devices. But a new question is now being asked by a team at Columbia University, can 3D printers cure hair loss? We take a closer […]

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New Hair Loss Treatment For AA

27th September 2019

Alopecia Areata (AA) is just one type of hair loss, but like many of the other forms of hair loss, there is no available cure. News from the USA suggests this might not be true for much longer with the promise of a new hair loss treatment for AA on the horizon. We look closer. […]

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Sanofi Hair Loss Trial Latest

24th September 2019

The legal battle between Sanofi Taxotere and 12,000 litigants claiming their chemotherapy left them with permanent hair loss goes on. This week saw a remarkable twist as Sanofi lost a fight to prevent a former FDA chief testifying against them. We take a closer look at the Sanofi hair loss trial latest news.   Sanofi […]

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Can PRP Help With Hair Loss

21st September 2019

Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) has a rich and convincing medical history. It has become a therapy used in a range of treatments. So we ask, can PRP help with hair loss?     PRP Therapy – A History There is a reason we ask can PRP help with hair loss? Since the 1980’s the technique […]

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Scalp Micropigmentation Awarded Approval

18th September 2019

It is less than 15 years since HIS Hair Clinic opened the doors of the world’s first scalp micropigmentation clinic. Since then the treatment has exploded across the world and quietly established its credentials as a treatment for hair loss. It is also used to camouflage a range of conditions including scars. So, with Scalp […]

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TV Star Carpeted For Hair Transplant Tweet

15th September 2019

David Platt, star of ITV’s flagship soap opera Coronation Street, has received a dressing down for tweeting about his hair transplant. We look closer.   Coronation Street This hugely popular show has become an institution. When it was first aired, in 1960, the show, set in Weatherfield, took its audience by storm. Within a few […]

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New Safe Hair Loss Treatment

11th September 2019

We live in a world where the FDA approved hair loss treatments both come with potential side-effects. A new safe hair loss treatment is always welcome. This one is the brainchild of a serial inventor and highly respected technologist, Xudang Wang. We look closer.   Hair Loss Treatments There are have never been so many […]

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What Is The Latest Hair Transplant Technique

08th September 2019

Ever since hair transplantation was introduced it has been evolving and it has continued to do so. But what is the latest hair transplant technique? We take a closer look at longitudinal partial follicular unit transplantation (PLFUT).   History Of Hair Transplantation Dr. Norman Orentreich performed the world’s first hair transplant in 1952, in New […]

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Hair Loss Drug Delivers Exciting Trial Results

04th September 2019

News is in from America where exciting trial results for a hair loss drug have been announced by Concert Pharmaceuticals We take a closer look.   Hair Loss Trial Yields Results Concert Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in Lexington, Mass, have announced that their hair loss drug delivers exciting trial results.  It follows from their last official announcement […]

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Hair Loss Cap Has Passed Clinical Trials

01st September 2019

News from Australia reaches us that an LED hair loss cap has passed clinical trials. A full double-blind placebo-controlled trial no less. We look closer.    LED Caps  The theory behind using light to promote hair growth and combat hair loss is an interesting one. The idea is that low wavelengths of light can irradiate […]

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Hair Loss Drug That Turned Spanish Babies Into Werewolves

29th August 2019

It seems a hair loss drug has made its way into a medication for infants. A hair loss drug that turned Spanish babies into werewolves. We look closer.   Infant Care Bringing up a baby is a stressful business. In the time before a baby learns to speak, parents must master the art of reading […]

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