Are Phytochemicals The Key To A Hair Loss Cure?

26th August 2019

For the first time, a critical review of available data has been performed on plant-derived phytochemicals. It is time to ask the question, are phytochemicals the key to a hair loss cure?   What Are Phytochemicals? To answer the question, are phytochemicals the key to a hair loss cure, we should first take a closer […]

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Can Inositol Help With Hair Loss?

23rd August 2019

Much has been made of the abilities of Inositol. Credited with helping everything from panic attacks to PCOS it is suggested it might have an even more exciting future. We ask, can Inositol help with hair loss.   Inositol – Arriving With A Bang Inositol is a type of blood sugar that is mostly produced […]

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Gary Lineker Trolled For Hair Loss ‘Joke’

20th August 2019

A throwaway line by the host of BBC’s flagship football show, aimed at his two bald co-hosts, has triggered a reaction with Gary Lineker trolled for hair loss ‘joke.’   Gary Lineker  The former Leicester and England striker is these days to be found presenting football shows on TV. Not just for the BBC either. […]

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JAK Inhibitors Bring The Promise Of Hair Growth

17th August 2019

Aclaris has successfully completed Phase 2 trials of their JAK inhibitor-based treatment for alopecia areata. In the detail of their notes is the tease that JAK Inhibitors bring the promise of hair growth.    Janus Kinane (JAK) Inhibitors  The use of JAK inhibitors in medicine is a wonderful example of how 21st C research is […]

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Which Is The Best Treatment For Androgenetic Alopecia?

14th August 2019

With an ever-expanding list of options when it comes to treating hair loss, we ask that most common of questions: Which is the best treatment for androgenetic alopecia?   Androgenetic Alopecia Even before the days of Hippocrates in 400BC, the Greek physician to whom all modern doctors swear an oath, men have searched for a […]

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Top 3 Reasons Why Cameron Diaz Is Still A Superstar

11th August 2019

Cameron Diaz, the award-winning actress, disappeared from public life 5 years ago. She has just given her first interview since then, reminding us why we fell in love with her. Here are our top 3 reasons why Cameron Diaz is still a superstar.   Cameron Diaz Today Cameron Diaz is nearing 50, reflecting no doubt […]

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Hair Loss Trolls Given Police Warning

11th August 2019

Police in the UK got an unexpected reaction to a plea for help when they released a wanted picture. Leading to thousands of hair loss trolls given police warning. We look closer.    Wanted Image Featured Hair Loss Police in Wales, on the Gwent force, regularly post images of men and women that they are […]

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Hair Loss Was First Sign Of Trouble For Shaun Ryder

08th August 2019

Shaun Ryder, frontman for the Happy Mondays, now bears a striking resemblance, by his own admission, to Uncle Fester. Hair loss was the first sign of trouble but far from the end. We look closer.   Happy Mondays Heyday In the eighties, Britpop, briefly, took over the world. Manchester unleased its own wall of sound […]

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Solutions For Eyebrow Alopecia

05th August 2019

There is a range of reasons that can trigger hair loss at the eyebrows from lifestyle to genetics. We take a closer look at those triggers and explore the solutions for eyebrow alopecia.    All About Eyebrows Our eyebrows are there to protect our eyes from sweat and water running into them. But as modern […]

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Is Traction Alopecia Caused By Man Buns?

02nd August 2019

Pulling the hair to the top of the head in a sort of vertical, folded ponytail is an increasingly popular style. Should wearers be asking themselves, is traction alopecia caused by man buns?   Hair Style Trumps Hair Sense As summer hits its heights those of us with hair will be taking steps against the […]

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Is Meghan Suffering From Postpartum Hair Loss?

30th July 2019

Following the recent birth of her baby, the Duchess of Sussex has had the national press asking a question, is Meghan suffering from postpartum hair loss? We look closer.    Postpartum Hair Loss This very common form of hair loss, almost invariably temporary, affects pretty much all women in the months after childbirth. During pregnancy, […]

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What To Expect From Hair As We Age

27th July 2019

As we age there a range of changes we might experience with our hair, but there are a few aspects which apply to pretty much everyone as we enter each new decade. We look closer at what to expect from hair as we age.    Everyone Has Their Own Hair Journey  While we are going […]

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How Do Hormones Affect Hair?

24th July 2019

The endocrine system, the series of hormone-producing glands in our bodies, govern so much about us, including hair loss. We ask, just how do hormones affect hair?    Hormones Hormones are chemical substances, produced by the body to manage so much of what makes us, us. The endocrine system is made up of a series […]

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Stark Sunburn Tattoo Warning For Hair Loss Sufferers

21st July 2019

Sunburn tattoos are, incredibly, popping up on the web and gaining admirers. The dangers of this are particularly stark for hair loss sufferers, so we take a closer look.    Sunburn Tattoos Sunburn tattoos are created by layering a stencil featuring the desired design on the skin. Once thus prepared, they expose that skin to […]

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New Technique Promises Unlimited Grafts For Hair Transplant

18th July 2019

For decades, hair transplantation has been limited by the number of grafts available for any patient. Scientists in the USA are working on a technique that promises to make that a thing of the past.    Hair Transplantation This has become the treatment of choice for tens of thousands of men, and increasing numbers of […]

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Obesity Link To Pattern Balding?

15th July 2019

Obesity has been linked to the most common form of hair loss, accounting for over 90% of all cases. Is the link real and what can be done about it? We look closer.    Obesity Labelled a western pandemic, obesity is becoming the scourge of health systems. Across the developed world, conditions associated with obesity […]

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Can CBD Help With Hair Loss?

12th July 2019

CBD for hair loss is a relatively new idea, borne of success using it as a treatment for other challenging conditions. Can it help with hair loss?   CBD Cannabidiol, known colloquially as CBD, is just one of the hundreds of components in the marijuana plant. It does not, by itself, produce any sort of […]

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Canada Cracks Down On Hair Loss “Science”

09th July 2019

In a surprise move, the Canadian health authority, Health Canada, has ordered nearly 40 clinics to suspend treatments based on stem cell and PRP technology, including for hair loss. We look closer.   Health Canada In May Health Canada published a position paper outlining their stance on autologous cell therapies. These are treatments which see […]

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Tech Solution To Trichotillomania

06th July 2019

 Trichotillomania is a disorder that sees sufferers pull out their own hair or eyebrows. Easy to diagnose but incredibly challenging to treat, the problem does now have a weapon with which it can be taken on.   Trichotillomania More commonly known as Trich, this condition affects around 3% of the population in the USA. Make […]

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Aclaris Tease New Hair Loss Product With Great Update

03rd July 2019

Aclaris, who we have been following for nearly a decade, recently announced results at the midpoint of a year-long trial for a potential new hair loss product.  We look closer.    A New Hope Back in 2010, we reported that Aclaris had successfully applied for, and received, a patent which covered their use of a […]

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Hair Loss Researchers Identify Complimentary Therapies That Work

30th June 2019

In a welcome piece of analysis, a team of researchers in California have gathered the data on over 20 complementary therapies to assess their efficacy for treating hair loss. We take a closer look.   Alternative Therapies There is no shortage of suggested alternative therapies for hair loss, many have been around for a long […]

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Young Popstar Speaks About Hair Loss

27th June 2019

The South Korean pop superstar known as “Ken” from boy band VIXX, has been speaking candidly about his hair loss and coping methods. We take a closer look.    VIXX VIXX came together on a South Korean TV talent show. They are one of the new breeds of massive acts coming out of Asia. One […]

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Hat Sharing Is Bad Idea Say Hair Loss Experts

24th June 2019

A warning from the NHS in Britain advises against sharing hats this summer, with hair loss among the reasons it is considered a bad idea. We look closer.   It’s Good To Share It’s an old saying, and one the vast majority of us try to instill in children as part of their formative development.  […]

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Is This The Hair Loss Cure We Have Been Waiting For?

21st June 2019

News from California suggests a research team there might be on the brink of the hair loss cure from our dreams. A simple treatment that can permanently cure hair loss regardless of how far advanced. We take a closer look.   Regenerative Medicine The science of stem cells has always held the promise of a […]

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What Are The Limits Of Hair Transplantation?

18th June 2019

A recent article praising the quality of a celebrity hair transplant stopped us in our tracks, we take a closer look at just what is realistically achievable for a hair transplant… and what is not.   Antonio Conte As a player, Antonio Conte was a legend. Playing at Juventus, Italy’s senior club, he won 5 […]

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Elevated Sunburn Danger For Bald Spots

15th June 2019

As everyone begins to enjoy the long hot days of summer we bring a stark warning on the importance of paying attention to UV protection. This is true for everyone, but particularly for men in the throes of hair loss for whom a bald patch brings its own set of additional dangers. We look closer.  […]

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UK Team Work To Improve Hair Loss Cooling Caps

12th June 2019

A team from Huddersfield in the UK are working hard to achieve their aim of zero hair loss from chemotherapy. The latest news out of their lab on their work with hair loss cooling caps is encouraging. We look closer.   Cooling Caps These wonderful devices burst onto the scene relatively recently and for the […]

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Castor Oil Making A Hair Loss Comeback

09th June 2019

Castor oil has been recognised for its beneficial properties for a very long time. Modern appreciation of its complex structure has only enhanced its reputation, particularly as a hair loss salve. We look closer.   Castor Oil In our childhood, castor oil occupied a unique place. Understood to be ever so good for you, a […]

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Beauty Paradox Has Implications For Hair Loss Sufferers

06th June 2019

A paradoxical form of behaviour, only witnessed in humans, has been described by scientists as leaving up to 90% of victims sterile and may have implications for hair loss sufferers. We look closer.   Mossman Pacey Paradox Dr. Mossman, once of Sheffield University in the UK but now at Brown University in the USA, and […]

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Add This Key Ingredient To Your Hair Loss Regime

03rd June 2019

There is a simple addition we can all make to our routine that would benefit our hair and much, much more besides. If you are suffering from hair loss it should definitely be on your daily agenda.   Raisin The Profile The humble and seriously under-estimated raisin has been popular from the day someone left […]

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