China’s Booming Hair Transplant Market

31st May 2019

China is witnessing exponential demand for hair transplant operations, what is driving this trend and what are the implications for the rest of us? We take a closer look.   Chinese Hair Loss  We recently covered news out of China which looked at the results of a huge survey on hair loss. The work was […]

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UCLA Scientists Access Unique Funding For Hair Loss Cure

28th May 2019

Scientists at UCLA, a leading American university, have accessed a unique funding vehicle to further their research into an exciting possible hair loss cure. We look closer.   UCLA One of America’s top twenty universities, the University of California, or UCLA to its friends, is listed in the top ten for its Public Health department. […]

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Rob Lowe Criticizes Royal For Hair Loss

25th May 2019

Hollywood icon Rob Lowe has shared his thoughts on the future King of England giving in to hair loss. The verdict was less than kind… we look closer.   Rob Lowe Rob Lowe made his acting debut, at the age of 15, in an ABC TV sitcom. He would achieve stardom during the mid-1980s as […]

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Sanofi Hair Loss Lawsuit Gathers Pace

22nd May 2019

Reports from America are suggesting that more civil lawsuits alleging a popular drug, made by Sanofi, caused hair loss, are building up as the case develops. We take a closer look.   Sanofi This Paris-based pharmaceutical firm is the world’s fifth largest by prescription sales. Formed in 2004 with the merger of Aventis and Sanofi-Synthelabo, […]

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Biotin – Hair Loss Friend or Foe?

19th May 2019

Biotin has become a go-to treatment for many people looking for a simple vitamin supplement that can help tackle hair loss. Its reputation as a hair loss friend has grown over the years, but why are some professionals warning against it? We look closer?   Biotin Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin. In the 1930s, […]

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Does The Keto Diet Cause Hair Loss?

16th May 2019

The popularity of the hashtag #ketohairloss, full of hair loss horror stories, has prompted many to worry that the diet might be a causal link to their own hair loss. We look closer.   The Ketogenic Diet Like the Atkins diet before it, the Keto diet promotes removing carbohydrates from your diet. In the case […]

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Survey Paints Depressing Picture of Hair Loss Effects

13th May 2019

An American survey has shed some light on how suffering from hair loss can make us feel and the effects it has on our day to day lives. We look closer.   Good Housekeeping Guide It sounds as though it might have spawned in the fifties, part of the Stepford Wives type aspirational lifestyle choices […]

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Four Ways Coconut Oil Can Help Hair Loss

10th May 2019

Coconut oil is remarkable, positively brimming with helpful, healthy ingredients that can do so much for the condition of our hair. We look closer.    Coconut Oil We are constantly pointed towards foods described as “superfoods” that are attributed with all manner of beneficial properties. Coconut oil is a definitive superfood that requires no hyperbole […]

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Hair Transplant The Most Frightening Part Of Transition

07th May 2019

Author David Thomas is chronicling his gender transition in the British press. He has described his journey to hair transplant surgery as frightening. Definitely worth a closer look.   David Thomas  David is not a typical candidate for gender transition, even if there is such a thing. The football team he supports hail from the […]

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Try This Celeb Endorsed Ancient Hair Loss Treatment

04th May 2019

There are plenty of ancient hair loss treatments around, from pigeon poop to bear grease, that has been shown to lack efficacy by modern science. But have the Chinese had the answer to alopecia all along? We look closer.   Hair Loss Remedies It would seem that for as long as human beings have been […]

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New Take On Old Drug – Possible Hair Loss Cure?

01st May 2019

A drug originally developed for treating osteoporosis, but largely disregarded due to side effects, is attracting attention due to one of those side effects… that it causes patients to sprout hair. We look closer.   University Of Manchester  A team based at one of the UK’s leading universities have been taking another look at an […]

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Razor Ruddock Puts Hair Loss On His To Do List

28th April 2019

Neil Ruddock, affectionately known as Razor from his football playing days, has gone under the knife to address his hair loss. It is part of a bigger story around how his health has forced him into some dramatic changes. We look closer.   Razor Ruddock Razor was a footballer from the old days. The sort […]

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The Early Signs of Hair Loss And Where To Find Them

25th April 2019

Here are some key facts around how and when hair loss might begin, along with vital information on how to be on the lookout for those critical early signs.    Hair Loss Genesis There can be many triggers to hair loss. While several of those are temporary in nature, post-partum hair loss for example where […]

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Top 5 UK Hair Loss Hotspots Named

22nd April 2019

Using trend data from Google, analysis has been done to tell us which are the top 5 UK locations, the hotspots most likely to play host to people searching for hair loss help. We look closer.   Google Trends Trends is a tool that is primarily used to follow current trending news stories. Users exploring […]

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First New Hair Loss Treatment For A Decade

19th April 2019

Exciting news from Italy reaches us that we may be about to see the first new treatment for hair loss in over a decade. We look closer.    Cassiopea Cassiopea is an Italian company set up in 2013 with the stated aim of bringing new treatments to market. Today, they have four “unencumbered clinical candidates” […]

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Amazing Hair Loss Stats From China

16th April 2019

Chinese press reports suggest hair loss is on the rise and affecting more younger people than ever. We take a closer look.   Hair Loss In China A survey conducted by the China Association of Health Promotion and Education (CAHPE) put the number of hair loss sufferers at 250 million. They put the number of […]

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Do Vegans Risk Hair Loss?

13th April 2019

Veganism is seriously on the rise according to many experts.  With its substantially different profile to carnivorous diets we ask, do vegans risk hair loss?   Veganism The vegan diet involves avoiding products that come from animals. So all dairy products, eggs, honey, and meat are on the list. It requires a huge shift for […]

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How Close Is Modern Science To A Cure For Hair Loss?

10th April 2019

If you are to believe any of the dozens of articles proclaiming its cure, hair loss will soon be a thing of the past. But just how close is modern science to cracking this most challenging, not to mention common, of problems?   Hair Loss For many it is simply a part of the aging […]

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Unlikely Hair Loss Cures

07th April 2019

Thousands of years of investigation, from trial and error to deep science, have so far failed to produce an elixir for hair. A product or treatment that works the way we want it to. But some remarkable, accidental, discoveries might point to hair loss cures. We look closer.   Hair Loss Cure Down the millennia […]

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Reassuring News For Bald Men

04th April 2019

Discovering that you are losing your hair is invariably met with some degree of dismay, some might shrug it off, others will be crushed. But from Penn State University there is news that all bald men should find reassuring. We look closer.   Pattern Baldness While there are a range of triggers, illness, and stress […]

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Professional Body Issue Hair Transplant Warning

01st April 2019

The American based International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) has issued warnings aimed mainly at UK customers about the dangers of travelling to some hair transplant clinics. We look closer.   International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery ISHRS was established in 1993, early in the story of hair transplants. Its aim was to have their […]

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Try This Professionally Recommended Hair Loss Helper

28th March 2019

Professionals in the world of hair care, along with their array of medical weaponry, recommend the use of a household item to help in the battle against hair loss and much more besides. We look closer.     Hair Loss Help  At the first sign of hair loss, that terrible moment of discovery, many will do […]

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Cristiano Ronaldo Announces New Hair Transplant Clinic

25th March 2019

Cristiano Ronaldo, rarely out of the headlines for long, has been back in the press for a wholly unexpected reason. Portugal’s favourite son has announced his involvement in a new Spanish venture, a hair transplant clinic. We look closer.   Cristiano Ronaldo Since bursting onto the football world at the tender age of 17, Cristiano […]

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Stark Buyer Beware Warning For Stem Cell Industry

22nd March 2019

A 14 strong team of respected medical experts have come together to issue a stark warning. They want to highlight bad practice in a growing stem cell industry and urge the public towards doing their homework.   Stem Cell Therapy Make no mistake, stem cell therapies are making their way into serious medical applications. They are […]

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Fatal Outcome Casts Shadow Over Hair Transplant Industry

19th March 2019

Tragic news from India where a patient has died the day after going through hair transplant surgery. We look at the case and explore the implications for the industry.   Hair Transplantation It has become the generic name for a set of surgical techniques which all, in various ways, aim to move living hair follicles […]

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Biotin – Hair Loss Friend Or Foe?

16th March 2019

Biotin is one of the new kids on the block on vitamin counters everywhere. Touted as a must-have supplement by the likes of Kylie Jenner and credited with being able to restore, well… just about everything cosmetic. We take a closer look.   Biotin  Biotin is a vitamin. A deficiency is extremely rare but the […]

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The Rise And Rise Of Propecia

13th March 2019

Propecia, with its active ingredient Finasteride, is going from strength to strength. We take a closer look.   Finasteride Finasteride is used by millions to combat hair loss. Sold under the brand names Propecia and Proscar it has become the medication of choice for millions around the world. Since its original FDA approval as a […]

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Why Men Need To Up Their Beauty Game

10th March 2019

Results of a study on peer to peer lenders and the influence of looks on the process have highlighted an age-old issue. Does it suggest that men need to catch up with women when it comes to their beauty regime?    Peer To Peer Irregularities In an interesting study, researchers looked at the influence of attractiveness […]

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The Right Tattoo Can Help You Find Work

07th March 2019

News from England that a young girl got a face tattoo to avoid “normal jobs” plays into old stereotypes about tattoos. We want to offer another perspective.    Kayleigh Peach Kayleigh is a 26-year-old up and coming tattoo artist from Birmingham in the UK. Kayleigh got her first tattoo at the age of 18, her […]

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Important Benefit Of Buzz Cut Hair

04th March 2019

The widely reported news that a British member of parliament received a diagnosis of skin cancer highlights one important benefit of buzz cut hair. We look closer.   Chris Bryant MP  Chris Bryant has been a vocal member of parliament for his Welsh constituency in Rhondda. The one time Church of England vicar also worked […]

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