British Biomedical StartUp Wants To Bank Your Hair

01st March 2019

A British biomedical startup has grand designs on your hair. They want to take some, put it in a vault and offer it back to you when you are losing your own.    HairClone This ambitious young business has two therapies in development, both aimed at treating hair loss but at different stages. The first aims to increase […]

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Medical Review of Platelet Rich Therapy (PRP)

26th February 2019

A team in the US have conducted a medical review of all the studies done so far on Platelet Rich Therapy.  They just presented their findings at the annual American Academy of Dermatology, we take a closer look.   Platelet Rich Therapy (PRP) PRP was developed in Europe a little over a decade ago. It was […]

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Follicum Looking Beyond Hair Loss Treatment

23rd February 2019

Follicum, the Swedish biotech startup, has an exciting hair loss treatment going through clinical trials. Today we look at their related project aimed at treating diabetes.    Follicum The business was established in 2011 in Sweden, 7 years after the founders discovered while conducting research on arteriosclerosis, a modified protein that increased hair growth in mice.  […]

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Five Year Propecia Study Yields Clear Results

20th February 2019

A research team in Korea have been tracking 126 patients all taking Propecia, with the active ingredient Finasteride, for the last five years. The results were emphatic, we take a closer look.   Finasteride Finasteride has established itself as one of the principal weapons in the fight against hair loss. Primarily marketed under the brand […]

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Bald John Travolta – 28 Days Later

17th February 2019

We recently applauded John Travolta on these pages for finally ditching the hair system and sporting a fantastic, bald look. The worry was that this might be a sign the Hollywood superstar was preparing for life in a slower lane. So just what has he been up to since?   A New Look John Travolta, […]

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Schoolgirl Gives Lessons On Hair Loss

14th February 2019

When nine-year-old schoolgjrl, Jenna Gathercole, started to become the victim of bullying because of her hair loss, she fought back in the smartest way.    Jenna Gathercole Nine-year-old Jenna, a fourth grader at Viera Charter School in Florida, had become used to having fun made of her. But an incident with a bully who called her […]

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Top 5 Ayurvedic Tips For Hair Loss

11th February 2019

Ayurvedic medicine has evolved over 3000 years to provide a truly holistic approach to health. We look at the top 5 tips for combating hair loss.    Ayurveda Born in India 3000 years ago, Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to medicine and health. Primarily preventative in nature it does also offer a full menu of […]

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Great News For Propecia Users

08th February 2019

The active ingredient in Propecia, finasteride, was linked to prostate cancer by study in 2003. A new study has done a great deal more than just deny that link. We look closer.   Finasteride Ironically, finasteride was introduced in the early nineties as a treatment for prostate enlargement and only approved for the treatment of scalp […]

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Surgeons Stern Warning on Hair Transplants

05th February 2019

The Black Market group, comprised of surgeons from around the world, have issued a stark warning on the rise of unethical transplant clinics.    The Black Market  Against a backdrop of steadily increasing numbers of hair transplant clinics around the world, the Black Market was formed to protect the integrity of their field. It began […]

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Hair Loss – When To Speak To A Doctor

02nd February 2019

Hair loss for men is almost always due to genetics, inherited genes from both parents predisposing the individual to a fate of male pattern hair loss. But it is not the only reason so we offer you a guide on when you need to speak to a doctor.   Male Pattern Hair Loss The immense […]

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Essential Guide To Vitamins and Hair Loss

27th January 2019

With vitamin supplement sales on the rise, we look at a timely published study on their benefits to hair loss.   Vitamins As we learned about vitamins and their role on our health the race was on to balance our diet in such a way as to make sure we were getting enough. It turns […]

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Travolta Comes Clean About Hair Loss

24th January 2019

After a stellar career spanning decades, and always featuring his thick black locks, John Travolta, has finally come clean about his hair loss. Very clean indeed.    John Travolta In Pictures His acting career started on television, where he appeared for four years until 1979 in a show called “Welcome back, Kotter.” It was in […]

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Exactly What Is In Your Vitamin Supplements?

21st January 2019

With sales of mineral and vitamin supplements soaring we ask, in light of concerning news from the USA, exactly what are we being sold and can we have confidence in the information on the label?   Vitamin Sales Boosted Sales of vitamins and minerals are soaring. Driven on by a steady shift in attitude towards […]

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Hair Loss Details You Can Rely On

18th January 2019

Hair loss can be a uniquely challenging experience, complex and mysterious, we look for some hard details that we can all rely on.   Hair Loss In all its forms it is an unwelcome and occasionally devastating symptom. Exactly what it is a symptom of varies wildly, any number of commonplace experiences can trigger it. […]

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New Study Looks At Vitamins And Hair Loss

15th January 2019

A team of researchers in Saudi Arabia has been poring through study results to improve our understanding of the interplay between our diet and hair loss. With interesting results, we look closer.   Medical Data Mining A new study, published in Dermatology and Therapy, aims to answer some of the myriad questions there are around the […]

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Are JAK Inhibitors The Hair Loss Cure We Have Been Waiting For?

12th January 2019

Janus Kinase inhibitors, commonly known as JAK inhibitors, have been lauded as a potential hair loss cure. As they make their way through trials we take a closer look.   Why Would JAK Inhibitors Work? Janus Kinase (JAK) is a family of enzymes your body uses to control its response to infections and wounds. They […]

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How To Spot Hair Loss Cure Scams

10th January 2019

We suspect snake oil salesmen have been around ever since men started to go bald. The modern version advertises his wares on the internet, so how can you spot these hair loss scams?   Snake Oil  Famously, in 19th Century America, the seven Sutherland Sisters, all with beautiful flowing hair, were used to advertise their […]

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Risks Associated With Cheap Hair Transplants

06th January 2019

Surgeons in the UAE have been speaking out about the issues they are seeing with clients returning from abroad suffering issues associated with cheap hair transplants. We look closer.    Hair Transplantation Over the last couple of decades we have seen an explosion in the number of men, and increasingly women, who have elected to […]

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Pfizer Progress With Hair Loss Cure

04th January 2019

Following up a story we have been covering for a while, we bring news of another important step on the road to a brand new FDA approved hair loss treatment.   Pfizer  With a turnover of over $2.5B one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer, haw been actively engaged in work on what has become […]

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Beckham’s Hair Back In The Spotlight

01st January 2019

The press has been as quick as ever to draw our attention to changes in David Beckham’s hair, following up a series of articles earlier this year with photographs apparently showing him with rapidly receding hair. We take a closer look at the latest speculation…   One Man And His Hair David Beckham burst into […]

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Could South American Herbs Provide Hair Loss Cure

28th December 2018

Some remarkable claims are coming out of the mountains of Guyana in South America, where a young doctor is working on a herbal hair loss cure.   Dr. Sevanie Williams Sevanie Williams grew up in the stunning valleys of the Potari-Siparuni highland region. Recognized as the most beautiful part of the country with spectacular mountains […]

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Heart Wrenching Appeal For Hair

23rd December 2018

A four-year-old cancer sufferer has penned a letter to Father Christmas, which features a heart-wrenching request for curly hair.    Zac Oliver Zac is your typical four-year-old boy, he enjoys all the things any four-year-old boy enjoys. When he sat down to write his letter to Father Christmas he marked himself out as different, and […]

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Does Immunotherapy Cause Hair Loss?

19th December 2018

With some oncologists suggesting that immunotherapy is, for some patients, the most effective cancer cure available, we ask the question can it cause hair loss?   Immunotherapy The range of treatments that fall under the umbrella of immunotherapy all have something in common. They are an attempt to replace previous methods of treating cancer, where […]

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Hair Loss Treatment Coming To A Clinic Near You Soon

15th December 2018

In an unusual move, at least to us and the hair loss industry, a large number of hair transplant surgeons have combined to fund some research aimed at delivering a brand new hair loss treatment. We just had to look closer.    HairClone Under the name HairClone, a large number of hair transplant surgeons have […]

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Important Result For Hair Loss Researchers

09th December 2018

A team at the New York School of Medicine claim to have identified a key process in regenerating hair follicles using the processes involved in wounded skin. Moreover, they claim it could lead to a cure for androgenetic alopecia, or pattern baldness as it is better known. We look closer.   The Crucial Sonic Hedgehog […]

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Hair Loss News That Will Leave You Wanting Goose Bumps

09th December 2018

Light years away from flaky research attempting to prop up the claims of some new hair loss product, we bring you science news out of Harvard University that makes for encouraging reading for hair loss sufferers everywhere.    Harvard University A team at this world-renowned seat of learning has been researching goose-bumps, and it turns […]

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Hair Loss Options – Is Spray On Hair “THE WORST”?

07th December 2018

Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenetti waded into the discussion following the appearance of Stephen Miller, Trump’s senior policy advisor, on US show Face the Nation…. without his usual spray on hair covering the extent of his baldness.    Stephen Miller Wiki describes Stephen Miller as a far-right political activist, which qualifies him well to be President […]

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Alopecia Areata – What You Need To Know

03rd December 2018

Alopecia Areata is a condition that sees sufferers lose hair from their scalp but can also rob us of hair from the eyebrows and elsewhere. More is known that even before, we take a closer look.   Alopecia Areata Alopecia areata, and it’s progressive variants, are conditions which see the immune system, for reasons we […]

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Hair Health Changes We Should All Make

29th November 2018

Hair is a great barometer for our general health, it follows then that there are simple changes we can all make to our routine which can improve the quality and appearance of our hair.    Hair Health It is not something that many of us give much thought to, until it presents as a problem. […]

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Harry Hairless

25th November 2018

Prince Harry took his new wife on their first official tour, to New Zealand. They were widely well received but one section of the media got caught up in speculation on the Prince’s hairline.   Harry and Meghan It’s an everyday story of Prince meets actress and marries her. Except that the Prince in question […]

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