Organic Solution For Female Hair Loss

14th October 2018

We are not normally given to promoting products on these pages, but this one came with a ringing endorsement and offers a wholly organic approach to restoring thickness for women experiencing hair thinning.   Female Hair Loss – A Hidden Problem There are an estimated 6 million women in the UK alone suffering from hair […]

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Women Hair Loss Sufferers Share Their Solutions

12th October 2018

Two very different women experienced a dramatic version of the same illness, but chose very different solutions. We look closer.   Female Hair Loss In The Media There has been a noticeable uptick in the number of articles we see covering the issue of hair loss for women. Celebrities have inspired many by publicly sharing […]

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New Treatment Sees Hair Grow back after 11 Years

10th October 2018

In one of the more surprising hair loss news stories we have read in a long while, a young girl who, having suffered from alopecia areata since the age of 2, suddenly began to grow hair after treatment for eczema.    Case Study Published in the journal JAMA Dermatology, we read details of a remarkable study […]

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Woman Shares Scalp Cooling Experience

08th October 2018

We have written several times about the impact these scalp cooling devices have made since hitting the market. Now we share one woman’s delightful account of her experience.    Scalp Cooling The idea was a relatively simple one. That by reducing blood flow to the scalp during chemotherapy, it might be possible to reduce exposure […]

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Have These Omani Women Discovered Hair Loss Cure?

06th October 2018

An article carried in the Times of Oman newspaper, claims that three local girls have come up with a cream that can regrow hair. We look closer.    Hair Loss Cure Claims It is the sort of news article that is always going to catch our eye. Invariably, closer inspection reveals a slightly less optimistic […]

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Is This The Coolest Hair Loss Device?

05th October 2018

A Japanese device has been launched which might just take the prize for the best looking hair loss cure on the market. But does it work? We look closer.   LED Light emitting diodes, to give them their proper name, have been amazing us ever since they first appeared.. on the faces of the first […]

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Hair Loss Sufferer Says Wig Changed His Life

02nd October 2018

George Windsor, a 23 year old from Cannock in the UK, has featured in a BBC article sharing his story of how a wig changed his life.   Early Hair Loss It’s hard not to feel for George Windsor, a young man who began to lose his hair following the death of his mother. The […]

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Why Is My Hair Falling Out?

30th September 2018

Women lose hair every day, but when the rate increases to stressful levels you need to ask the question… Why is my hair falling out?   Normal Hair Loss For some of us men the last time we used a hair brush is a dim and distant memory. But take a look at any hairbrush […]

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Hair Loss – 6 Things You Must Stop Doing

28th September 2018

What can I do? It is a reasonable and normal reaction to discovering hair loss. A better question might be what should I stop doing? We offer some thoughts.   Hair Loss First Contact Whether it is hairs on your pillow, or in the plughole, noticing it yourself while grooming, or maybe the worst of […]

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New Chemo Hair Loss Cure In Pipeline

26th September 2018

News from Taipai reaches us that a team of researchers are claiming success in their search for a cure to the problem of hair loss associated with chemotherapy.   Chemotherapy Hair Loss Hair loss is a deeply distressing and unwelcome side-effect of the harsh chemicals used during chemotherapy. The drugs used during chemo have been […]

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Stem Cell Cure For Hair Loss – The Latest

24th September 2018

Stem cell research has been touted as a potential cure for hair loss for some time now, what is the latest? We take a closer look.   Stem Cells In case you have been avoiding any and all scientific reading for years we will briefly explain what a stem cell is. They are the embryonic […]

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Study Points To Hair Loss Cure Hope

22nd September 2018

Researchers in Manchester, England have enjoyed great success with their novel treatment for hair loss. We look closer.   Ancient Receptors The study conducted by a team from the University of Manchester, led by Professor Ralf Paus, have discovered a remarkable, previously unknown, property of hair follicles. They possess an ability to receive messages using […]

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Pfizer Hair Loss Cure Goes To Phase 3 Trials

20th September 2018

Following exciting results from their Phase 2A study, Pfizer will now be sponsoring Phase 3 trials for a “game-changing” hair loss cure. We look closer.   Pfizer The presence of Pfizer in this story adds real credence to these results, with the promise that their deep pockets, allied with the absence of anything currently available […]

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Yucca For Hair Loss?

18th September 2018

  The Yucca plant has been used by Americans, South and Native, for millennia, for it’s medicinal benefits including hair loss. But can it really help? We look closer.   Yucca The Yucca plant is easily identified by its long sword shaped leaves, when in flower those leaves are crowned with a tall crop of […]

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Lisa Armstrong Shares Hair Loss Woes

16th September 2018

Lisa Armstrong, make up artist to the stars, is managing the breakdown of her relationship whole very much in the public eye. Now hair loss has added to her woes…   Lisa Armstrong Lisa has spent over a decade working as a make up artist on the smash hit TV show Strictly Come Dancing and, […]

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Hair Loss Honesty Wins Admirers

14th September 2018

Hair loss sufferer Paul Bowen decided honesty was the best policy and won plenty of admirers along the way…   First Dates Hotel First Dates Hotel is a popular UK TV show which brings singles together on a series of first dates during a stay at a lovely Italian hotel. It is delivered with an […]

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Hair Transplant Horror Story

12th September 2018

Not the usual  sort of hair transplant disaster this one, but one that caught our eye just the same. We look closer.   Hair Transplants The surgery has been available for over a generation now. Some advances have been made during that time as surgeons developed new techniques for harvesting the follicles to be relocated, […]

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Fashion Is Alopecia

10th September 2018

A group of British models are campaigning on behalf of alopecia sufferers everywhere by insisting their condition is not a problem. We look closer.   Alopecia According to that wonderful British institution, the National Health Service, eight million UK women suffer from alopecia. That enormous figure covers women who have developed what is commonly called […]

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Are Eggs The Answer To Hair Loss

08th September 2018

If the results of tests in Japan are proved true then the answer to hair loss could be in a daily dose of eggs. We look closer.   Eggs The mighty egg is an incredible source of nutrients. The website Healthline call them among the healthiest and most nutritious foods on the planet. And who […]

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A Baldover – Are You Serious?

06th September 2018

Courtesy of fading UK tabloid The Sun we bring you news of an article they ran giving a baldover to hirsute celebrities.   The Sun The Sun was, once upon a time, a hugely significant influence on British politics, with a conservative message that regularly and deliberately overstepped the boundaries of good taste with provocative […]

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Is Alpecin Shampoo For Hair Loss?

04th September 2018

Alpecin shampoo seems to have taken the market by storm with a reputation as beneficial for hair loss. Does their latest TV advertisement cast more doubt on that reputation.   Dr Wolf The original Dr Wolf was a German pharmacist who set up a factory to produce health related products, mostly nutritional. Among his product […]

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Breakthrough Therapy Designation for Hair Loss Cure

02nd September 2018

Breaking news from New York where Pfizer confirm they have received Breakthrough Therapy Designation for their hair loss treatment.   Pfizer The presence of Pfizer in this news piece lends this news real credence. Far removed from the usual pack of ambitious and variously funded small start-ups, Pfizer are one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical […]

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Treatment Services From Dr Camilla Hill

30th August 2018

We take a closer look at the aesthetic treatments available from HIS Hair Clinic’s newest partner, Dr. Camilla Hill.   Dr Camilla Hill Dr. Hill has been a medical professional for  27years, ever since graduating from Birmingham Medical School. Much of that time was spent on the coal-face as a GP. More recently she qualified […]

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Aesthetic Services From Dr. Camilla Hill

28th August 2018

Here, as promised, a selection of the aesthetic treatments on offer at Dr Camilla Hill’s beautiful clinic in Worcestershire. Or rather, a slightly more digestible selection of the problems that can be fixed there…   Dr Camilla Hill As you would expect from any partner of HIS Hair Clinic, Dr. Hill operates at the very […]

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Trichotillimania Hair Loss Explained

26th August 2018

The poorly understood condition of trichotillimania, self-inflicted hair loss, is starting to get attention it the press. Time to bring you up to date on what we do know…   Trichotillimania It turns out that far from being an incredibly rare condition trichotillimania might be affecting anything up to 3 or 4% of the population, […]

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HIS Hair’s Newest Partner Goes Beyond Hair Loss

24th August 2018

Why stop your makeover at scalp micropigmentation? We look at the work of Dr Camilla Hill who stands ready to complete your personal reinvention.   Males Grooming HIS Hair Clinic clients come in all shapes and sizes with all cultural and age groups represented. What everyone has in common is a heartfelt desire to improve […]

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Better Hair Starts In The Kitchen

22nd August 2018

Its a time of year when your hair might well benefit from a boost to its condition, we offer these home remedies based on products already in your kitchen…   Hair Health Your hair is a pretty obvious signifier of your general health, shiny hair in good condition is symptomatic of a healthy diet and […]

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West Coast Holiday Hair Loss Warning

20th August 2018

If your holiday sees you heading for the West Coast of America we have a hair loss warning for you. Read on… African Americans, Hispanics, Phillipinos and Native Americans all have an increased genetic vulnerability to the fungus.   Valley Fever So what is valley fever? When you learn it is primarily found on the […]

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Interesting Findings From Hair Loss Research

18th August 2018

Researchers have been busy getting mice hairy again, but their hair loss research has thrown up some interesting facts. We look closer.   The Study John Hopkins University School of Medicine have been working on hair loss, news that is guaranteed to pique our interest. Subroto Chatterjee is a professor of pediatrics and medicine there […]

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Green Tea For Hair Loss

16th August 2018

Green tea has a reputation as being useful to those suffering from hair loss, where does that reputation come from, and is it true. We take a closer look.   Green Tea In History In fact, green tea is something of a simplification as a description. All green tea is made with leaves from the […]

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