How to spot male pattern balding

27th September 2017

Male pattern balding, also known as androgenic alopecia can strike even during teenage years with some men/boys beginning to notice hair loss as early as 16.  The good news is that there are treatments that can slow the process down or even arrest it but before they can be used the problem has to be […]

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X-Factor star regains confidence after hair transplant

26th September 2017

Popular X-Factor star, Jake Quickenden, has recently shown off the impressive results of a hair transplant. Like many men, Jake developed a receding hairline which caused him significant insecurities. Although male pattern baldness is most commonly put down to old age, men can develop the condition at any age; even in their teens. Jake is […]

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Prince William jokes about his hair loss

23rd September 2017

Androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness can strike at any age with some men experiencing it as young as their teenage years.  In Prince William’s case, he’s rapidly developed the condition over the last few years following the pattern of his father Prince Charles and his Grandfather, Prince Philip. Not good for business On a […]

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Amy Childs seeks advice about postpartum hair loss

22nd September 2017

TV personality, model and business woman Amy Childs recently shared an intimate moment on Instagram with her fans where she asked for advice on the subject of postpartum hair loss. Childs struck a responsive chord with her fans, many of whom were quick to share their advice and personal experiences with her in the comments […]

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Stem cells could be the future of hair loss treatment

22nd September 2017

New research carried out by a team from the Los Angeles University of Southern California, has revealed a step-by-step guide to hair growth. The researchers have successfully managed to grow new hair from stem cells; providing hope they could be used to treat baldness in the future. Here, we’ll look at the findings of the […]

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Three experts offer advice to naturally prevent hair loss

20th September 2017

Perhaps we should listen when three brands get together and offer some advice on natural ways to prevent hair loss.  That’s just what happened when Amit Sarda, managing director at brand Soulflower, Sonia Mathur, expert at brand Organic Harvest and Swati Kapoor, co-founder at brand SoulTree listed several ways to protect your hair in a recent […]

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Losing hair at 16 and how to deal with it

19th September 2017

Kieran Thompson, 20 year old university student and blogger recently opened up in Huffpost about his experience of starting to go bald at 16.  Hair loss can be a traumatic experience at any time but when you realise that you’re losing it before you’ve even completed your GCSEs then the psychological effects can be profound. […]

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Redheads finally get to express themselves online

19th September 2017

Generally emojis are bald Whilst the standard state for an emoji is naturally bald it’s also possible to choose blonde or brunettes.  This has been a bone of contention for  frustrated redheads in the UK for years, however, in 2018 that’s all set to change as Emojipedia has released a list containing 67 new ones […]

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How to accept baldness gracefully

18th September 2017

Independent journalist, Lee Williscroft-Ferris, has recently written about his experience with baldness. At age 16, he noticed his hairline had started to recede, yet it wasn’t until he was 32 that the hair loss became really noticeable. Now, he embraces his baldness and he’s hoping he can inspire other men to do the same. In […]

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Hair Loss – Myth Busting

17th September 2017

As hair loss is one of the most common issues suffered by both men and women, it’s unsurprising there’s a lot of misguided information floating around. The hair loss market is worth billions of pounds, with companies constantly setting up in the industry to cash in on this embarrassing and often devastating problem. The majority […]

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Injecting your own blood to grow hair back

16th September 2017

There’s a procedure currently being done in Reno which claims it can help balding patients regrow their own hair. It’s a somewhat scary sounding procedure, involving injecting your own blood into the scalp. So, could this actually work or is it the latest hair loss fad? Understanding the procedure The procedure is being referred to […]

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Six famous people who are dealing with hair loss

15th September 2017

Hair loss can be both a distressing and scary experience; however chances are that if you are suffering you are not alone. Alopecia – the medical term for hair loss, is actually fairly common and can be caused by many different factors although it can be something many people find difficult to openly talk about. […]

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Level 4 Certificate in SMP From HIS Hair Clinic

15th September 2017

HIS Hair Clinic announce their solution for the unregulated, and largely unqualified, world of Scalp Micropigmentation. An opportunity for SMP® technicians to assert their experience and skills.   The Challenge – Standing Out In A Crowded Market HIS Hair Clinic invented Scalp Micropigmentation and have remained at the helm ever since, leading the way with […]

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Is that a bald Bradley Cooper on Bargain Hunt?

12th September 2017

Viewers may have spotted Bradley Coopers doppelganger on one of the latest episodes of the BBC One game show ‘Bargain Hunt’. Although missing Coopers signature thick brunette locks and the red carpet suit, the Bargain Hunt contestant Chris has become viral on social media as viewers cannot stop tweeting about him since the episode aired. […]

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Obstacles in the way of Alopecia Day 2017

11th September 2017

Alopecia UK has put on a second year of obstacle courses, complete with mud, ice, fire, electric shocks and heights that were carried out by a thirteen member team of ‘Apatchy Warriors’. The event marked International Alopecia Day 2017 and was used to highlight and raise awareness of the condition. The gruelling obstacle course The […]

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Harry Styles Divulges His Hair Secret

10th September 2017

Even if you’re no big fan of One Direction, you must have heard of or seen the talented twenty three year old singer, Harry Styles. Within just a few years, Styles went from being completely unknown to one of the biggest stars on the planet as confirmed by his thirty one million followers on social […]

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Identical twin babies? Not when it comes to the hairstyle!

08th September 2017

Ten month old twins from Poole, Dorset are identical in every way but one – little Joshua has an impressive head full of hair, whereas twin brother Jacob only has a few small tufts. Joshua’s striking hair is due to side effects of a medication he needs to take daily to control his insulin levels. […]

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Doctor discovers potential cure for baldness and grey hair

07th September 2017

Dr Lu Le has studied cells and genes for over ten years and had been working on an experiment in which he hoped to understand some of the roots of cancer. Accidently yet amazingly, Dr Lu Le ended up discovering something during this experiment which could explain both baldness and grey hairs. Research findings Dr […]

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Body fixers provide stop gap solution whilst waiting for hair transplant

06th September 2017

The channel E4 show ‘Body Fixers’ recently starred twenty four year old Mike who had a bald patch and needed a quick temporary fix for a wedding. The young man from Sunderland talked about how his receding hair line has made him feel so self-conscious over the years that he has even abstained from sex […]

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Could stress be the cause of your bald patch?

05th September 2017

A recent study has confirmed that lifestyle stress is linked to premature male hair loss. The delicate nature of cells and how they are affected by external stimuli seems to be at the heart of various research studies. Increasingly, male pattern baldness has been associated with something known as ‘oxidative stress’, particularly in young men. […]

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Going bald?- just print some new hair!

04th September 2017

There’s been a lot of exciting developments in the hair loss treatment industry over the past decade, but the latest is by far one of the most exciting. Top hair care company L’Oréal, has partnered with Poietis, a leading bioprinting company in France, to produce 3D printed hair follicles. Using living human cells, the printed […]

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Richard Madeley has a hair makeover on live tv

01st September 2017

Some would say it’s a brave, even foolhardy move to elect to have a new hairstyle attempted on live TV but that’s exactly what Richard Madeley agreed to in August on his last day standing in for Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. Mocked for a 40 year old hair style Having been mocked on […]

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More than just a hair tattoo: how SMP works

31st August 2017

Ian Watson is the CEO and co-founder of the HIS Hair Clinic, more notably he is the man behind the cosmetic camouflage technique used to disguise patches of hair loss and baldness. Since 2002 Watson has been part of several years of research, development and refinement to create a realistic technique which can create the […]

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Hair transplants on the up as cosmetic surgery trend continues

29th August 2017

Results from the 2016 Global Aesthetic Survey show that there has been an increase in demand for surgical and nonsurgical procedures by nine percent. America appears to be in the lead, accounting for almost eighteen percent of procedures and the top five countries – America, Brazil, Japan, Italy and Mexico account for forty-one percent of […]

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Hair loss drugs: compare and contrast

26th August 2017

Anyone who is suffering from hair loss will be familiar with the two drugs currently available in the market designed to combat hereditary hair loss; Minoxidil and Finasteride. It is important to understand that both drugs were originally designed to treat other conditions and were later developed as cures for hair loss. Finasteride was created […]

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Could this ‘BOGOF’ treatment cure your beer gut and your bald patch?

25th August 2017

Imagine a solution to shift that excess tummy weight and resolve thinning hair on your crown; a new 2017 research trial carried out in the UK aims to do just that. The hair loss treatment involves transferring fat cells from the stomach area to the head in order to potentially treat male pattern baldness. The […]

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Winning combinations for hair loss

24th August 2017

When talking about the various treatments for hair loss it’s easy to fall into the trap of viewing them as mutually exclusive stand alone solutions but actually there’s a case to be made for combining treatments to get the most effective results. A planned combination can work best Topical or oral medical compounds such as […]

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Will Harry go bald before his big day?

23rd August 2017

Using caviar oil to stop hair loss! According to the Daily Star Prince Harry is beginning to suffer from aggressive hair loss and he’s now facing a race against time to protect his barnet before walking down the aisle With Meghan Markle.  According to the paper he’s planning to propose to her any time and […]

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What does your facial hair reveal about your inner self?

21st August 2017

For those of you familiar with Silicon Valley you’ll know that evolving beard style of Erlich Bachman (played by T.J. Miller) is one of the defining characteristics of the series.  As each season has aired the character’s facial furniture has taken on a new look and the question is, what does this tell us about […]

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Trans woman says hair transplant completed her transformation

20th August 2017

When it comes to gender reassignment from male to female one of the bigger challenges can be tackling the problem of androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.  By the age of 50 over half the male population have the condition to some degree.  The problem is that there is no cure yet and long silky […]

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