Scalp Shine And How To Fix It

14th August 2018

Scalp shine comes up as a question on the forum on a regular basis. So we look to gather the contributions and try to make sense of them.   Head Shine For some it simply isn’t a problem, they either do not suffer with it or do and don’t care… much like hair loss itself. […]

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Minoxidil, Hair Loss Drug Or Hair Of The Dog

12th August 2018

News reaches us that Minoxidil has turned up at the heart of a trial investigating a greyhound race in the UK. We look closer…   Minoxidil Minoxidil has been around for a long time and has featured in countless articles on these pages. As one of only two FDA approved hair loss medications on the […]

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Hair Loss Hero Takes Us By Surprise

10th August 2018

Gail Porter is one of our favourite hair loss heroes and in the past has shown plenty of capacity to surprise. Her latest stunt really caught us out…   Gail Porter – The Making Of A Hero 13 years ago Gail Porter was enjoying an enviable career in media as a UK TV personality. Her […]

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How Does Smoking Affect Hair Loss

08th August 2018

We all know that smoking is the singular lifestyle choice that has the most dramatic impact on our health, but exactly how does smoking impact on our hair and can it promote hair loss? We look closer.   Smoking Is Bad For You Obvious isn’t it? Of course it is. But one glance at the […]

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Four Hair Loss Myths Busted

06th August 2018

Old wives tales are often rooted in fact, it can make the rubbish tougher to spot. So we take a look at four popular hair misconceptions and blow them out of the water.   No Smoke Without Fire So many things my Nan said to me when I was a little lad turned out have […]

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Hormones And Hair Loss

04th August 2018

Your hormones are responsible for so much that goes on in your body but which ones are a threat to your hair? We look closer.   The Endocrine System Nothing was known of hormones until the very start of the 20th Century. While the rest of their countrymen were trying to get over the death […]

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Victoria’s Secret Model Talks Hair Loss

02nd August 2018

Sara Sampraio has followed the example of British supermodel XXX and chosen to speak plainly about her own unusual form of hair loss. We look closer.   Sara Sampraio Her stellar career in modelling began when she was spotted at the tender age of just 15 in her home country of Portugal. At the age […]

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Hair Loss Gene Has Cancer Scientists Excited

31st July 2018

In news from the USA we read that scientists studying a gene thought to be responsible for some types of hair loss may have implications for cancer treatment… We look closer.   Hair Loss Cause The ultra-modern techniques that are evolving from the study of genes are seeing medicine taking strides in our understanding of, […]

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Ambitious Hair Loss BioTech Raises Cash

29th July 2018

Australian hair loss biotech firm, Cellmid, have surprised the markets with an ambitious cash raise. We look closer.   Cellmid We have been following the fortunes of this small Australian biotech firm for a few years now… they have been in existence since 2004. They call themselves a life sciences accelerator, one of these new […]

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Leading University Offers Hair Loss Hope

27th July 2018

Researchers at John Hopkins University have published results that tease the hope of a hair loss cure. We look closer.   Mice In The Cross Hairs A team at the renowned John Hopkins University, consistently ranked among the world’s top 20, were looking into the effect of a Western diet on the hair and skin. […]

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Millie Bobby Brown’s Hair Loss Experience

25th July 2018

The talented teenage actress Millie Bobby Brown has been talking to W magazine about her time as a bald 11 year old and the lessons it taught her.   Millie Bobby Brown At the ripe old age of 14 Millie Bobby Brown is the proud possessor of not one but two Primetime Emmy Awards nominations, […]

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The Case For Castor Oil As A Hair Loss Cure

23rd July 2018

There was a time when a dose of Castor oil was best  known as a punishment for naughty chldren. But what of it’s reputation as a hair loss cure? We look closer.   The Case For Castor Oil Castor oil is a wonderfully complex vegetable oil, which is produced by pressing the seeds of the […]

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Important Progress For Hair Loss Research

21st July 2018

One of the biggest obstacles to progress towards finding a cure for hair loss might have been removed by a team from India. We look closer.   Testing Times The process for any new drug to get to market is a long, exhaustive and expensive one. By the time they get to the stage of […]

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What Can A Woman Do To Avoid Hair Loss

19th July 2018

Hair loss is as common for women as it is for men, so just what can a woman do to avoid it? The Metro has been asking an expert… We look for clues.   Female Hair Loss It might surprise you to learn that women lose hair at pretty much the same rate as men. […]

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Clascoterone – Approval Expected For New Hair Loss Drug

17th July 2018

Biotech firm Cassiopea have seen their shares rise 90% since announcing phase 2 results for Clascoterone, is this a hair loss cure?   Cassiopea Cassiopea was the name of a Queen from Greek mythology. By reputation very beautiful, very vain.. the Greek God of vanity if you like. These days she might be familiar to […]

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Lewis Hamilton’s Hair – What Goes On?

15th July 2018

In a remarkable Formula 1 German Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton put himself in the championship lead, but it was his hair that caught our eye.   Losing It Early Lewis, like Wayne Rooney, is a perfect example of a man who became ridiculously famous while still a boy… but a boy struggling with hair loss. […]

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Has The Answer To Hair Loss Been Found?

12th July 2018

A seemingly huge leap in our ability to control hair loss has been announced, could it lead to a true cure?   Mitochondria We have to start in a pretty scientific place on this one, it is an undoubtedly 21st Century story with it’s roots in the modern arts of microbiology at it’s current leading […]

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Spironolactone – For Female Hair Loss?

10th July 2018

Spironolactone, sold mainly under the brand name Aldactone, has been around nearly half a century, what are it’s merits as a hair loss cure?   Spironolactone Discovered in 1957 and introduced to market two years later Spironolactone is on the World Health Organisation’s List of Essential Medicines, recognising it as a safe and effective medicine […]

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Are Grapes Good For Hair Loss?

08th July 2018

The not so humble grape has found it’s way into a hair loss product, but what are the merits of grapes for hair loss. We look closer.   Grapes Are Good For You! Well, in many circumstances that is absolutely true, it has certainly been our friend for a very very long time. Grapes have […]

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Histogen Trial For Female Hair Loss Treatment

06th July 2018

News from San Diego where Histogen, known for regenerative medicines, have announced a trial for their female hair loss treatment. We look closer.   Histogen They describe themselves as a regenerative medicine company, taking and using human cells to produce products for the new “cosmeceutical” industry. Or, if you prefer the more medical description of […]

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Hilaria Baldwin Talks Hair Loss

04th July 2018

Hilaria Baldwin is the wife of Hollywood superstar Alec Baldwin and mother to four of his five children, the latest, born just weeks ago. Hilaria has been sharing her history of hair loss and the certainty of more to come…   Hilaria Baldwin Hilaria is very well known in her own right as a fitness […]

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Jamaica’s New First Lady of Hair Loss

02nd July 2018

The remarkable Dr. Jennifer Mamby-Alexander is an award winning businesswoman who has just opened Jamaica’s first hair loss clinic.   Dr Jennifer Mamby-Alexander Dr Mamby-Alexander has definitely gone down the road less travelled. Since graduating from St Hugh’s High School in the West Indies she has been carving out a career helping others to fight […]

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Australia’s New Hair Loss Hero

30th June 2018

Australia has a new hair loss hero, an under 30 influential figure who treats his hair loss with an enviable degree of not giving a damn.   Eric Jensen Eric Jensen is editor-in-chief of the influential newspaper “The Saturday Paper,” a popular and progressive Australian journal. As such he holds a significant position in the […]

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When Is A Head Tattoo A Bad Idea?

28th June 2018

We write a great deal in praise of scalp micropigmentation, we sometimes forget that some make terrible decisions when it comes to their head.   A Reasonable Grievance? William Laurence Stanley was sentenced by a judge to spend 12 years in federal prison back in Janary 2016. He had been found guilty of extorting money […]

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Jumping On The Hair Loss Cure Bandwagon

26th June 2018

Last month we told the story of the team from Manchester who had identified a potential new hair loss candidate… today we see it being advertised.   Dr Nathan Hawkshaw Dr Hawkshaw is a Dr. of Medicine who did his PhD in Dermatology. He works at the prestigious University of Manchester and, with his colleagues, […]

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The Trouble With Hair Transplants

24th June 2018

Rafa Nadal, superstar tennis pro, is reported to be headed back to the transplant surgeon for his second treatment in short order… is this the trouble with transplants?   Rafa Nadal Rafa burst onto the professional tennis circuit back in 2005 when, as a muscular 19 year old, he won his first major tournament at […]

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Time To Get Your Head Around Hair Loss

22nd June 2018

Whether you have been bald for years or are facing your first summer with hair loss, we encourage some different thinking…   Summertime Blues The start of summer is always a welcome time of year, the warmer weather helps but it’s also when many of us take our vacations, when the kids are off school, […]

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Young Artist With Something To Say About Hair Loss

20th June 2018

Peter DeVito is a young artist who made his name with unretouched pictures of people with acne, now he has broadened his attention to include hair loss. We look closer.   Peter DeVito Peter is a young American artist, he turned 21 last month, who developed a following with his series of unretouched images of […]

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Scare Tactics Peddling Hair Loss Cure

18th June 2018

There are enough good stats and facts around hair loss with the need to inflate or create new ones to scare…   The Search For A Hair Loss Cure We just read an advertorial on Newswire for a vitamin supplement… of course it is so much  more than a vitamin supplement, they have, according to […]

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Great Contribution To Women’s Hair Loss

16th June 2018

We stumbled on a very personal account of one woman’s fight with hair loss and felt obliged to share.   Louise McSharry Louise is writer and columnist with a social media following who look to her for honest advice on all things beauty. Describing herself as  “unfiltered in every way” her appetite for life and […]

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