Stress Related Hair Loss

14th June 2018

The ability of stress to influence our hair loss is known, a reminder has come to us from an Asian celebrity.   Stress Related Hair Loss Stress is such a challenging condition, the hormones that are released during periods of stress can cause damage. High levels of them over a prolonged period of time can […]

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New Kind Of Hair Tattoo

12th June 2018

The fevered build up to the football World Cup in Russia has inspired a Serbian to create a new kind of hair tattoo. We are delighted to share.   World Cup Fever As half the people on the planet prepare for the upcoming football World Cup in Russia the excitement is seriously building. The squads […]

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Star Wars Actor Gets Hair Transplant

10th June 2018

Star Wars veteran Warwick Davis, a big man in a very small body, has spent a reported £10K on a hair transplant. We did not see that coming…   Warwick Davis Everyone’s favourite Ewok, Warwick Davis, has enjoyed a stellar entertainments career. The 3ft 5′ actor first hit our screens in Willow, alongside a very […]

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Inspirational Hair Loss Sufferers

06th June 2018

A heartwarming story for hair loss sufferers everywhere as a group of very brave ladies removed their wigs on live UK television. Definitely worth a closer look.   Doing It With Panache During a recent episode of the popular UK breakfast TV show This Morning, a hair loss support group   called Panache came onto […]

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Unusual Hair Loss Treatment Shows Results

04th June 2018

Researchers in Egypt have published results of their research on a new form of hair loss therapy. We look closer.   Tanta University News reaches us, via one of our favourite sources of unusual articles, of a completely original hair loss treatment that initially struck us as an unlikely way forward. We are all for […]

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Could The Answer To Hair Loss Be Eggs?

02nd June 2018

A team in Japan have been doing interesting work with eggs, and believe they are on track for a hair loss cure… we look closer.   Osaka University Osaka is home to the sixth oldest university in the country, as the Osaka Prefectural Medical College it is considered one of Japan’s National Seven Universities. The […]

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Where To Go For Hair Loss Help?

29th May 2018

Google was, at one point, meant to be the answer to this sort of problem. But put “help with hair loss” into a search and you get 658M results. We take a closer look.   Seeing The Wood Through The Trees How on earth are you meant to use the world’s most popular search engine […]

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Hair Loss Link to Pumpkins

27th May 2018

A threat to hair has been identified after a French doctor warned of a “toxic association” between hair loss and a popular plant group. We look closer.   Time For Tea There were two cases that triggered a closer investigation by Philippe Assouly, a French dermatologist, into the properties of the humble pumpkin. A woman […]

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Popular Hair Loss Drug Gets All Clear For Cancer Risk

25th May 2018

One of the two FDA approved hair loss drugs has been exonerated, in newly published research, of a link to prostrate cancer. We look closer.   Finasteride Marketed primarily under the name Propecia, Finasteride is one of only two hair loss drugs that have been ratified as safe to use by the US FDA. The […]

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Jada Pinkett Smith Talks About Her Hair Loss

23rd May 2018

There are not too many women around with a higher profile than Jada Pinkett Smith… so when she speaks about hair loss we listen.   Jada Pinkett-Smith Jada won the first of her many acting awards back in 1997 when she played Lida “Stony” Newsom in Set It Off. But she had already made her […]

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What Is The Pattern In Balding?

21st May 2018

Male Pattern Balding. It gets it’s name because it typically follows a predictable path but how predictable is it?   Male Pattern Balding It begins, for many, by noticing more hair in the plughole. Men, by nature not the most observant on this sort of thing, will often discover they have started on their hair […]

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Bald Obsession Surfaces At Royal Wedding

19th May 2018

One British newspaper managed to upset the team at HIS HQ as their bald obsession infected their coverage of the Royal wedding.   When Harry Wed Meghan A fair portion of the globe tuned in to watch the marriage of Prince Harry, sixth or so in line to the British throne and younger brother of […]

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UK Woman Credits Shampoo As Her Alopecia Cure

16th May 2018

Last week in the UK the Daily Mail bought us the story of a UK woman in her forties who found her own alopecia miracle cure on the supermarket shelf. We look closer.   Belinda’s Story Belinda Clarke, from Swindon in England’s South West, is 44 years old and has suffered almost her whole life […]

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16 Reasons You Might Be Losing Hair

14th May 2018

No less a journal than the Readers Digest has offered a surprisingly high 16 reasons for losing hair that are mostly treatable. Read on.   Readers Digest This informative general-interest family magazine has been on the shelves for nearly 100 years. It’s enduring appeal, it is still achieving over 2.5M in circulation for it’s 10 […]

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Hair Loss Cure Hat Trick

12th May 2018

After a week which saw two genuinely new avenues of research open up for hair loss researchers we look at yet another possibly promising development…   New Hope The story we covered earlier in the week around the team from the University of Manchester, they had discovered a wonderful side effect of the treatment for […]

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TV A-Lister Asks For Hair Loss Help

10th May 2018

In the modern world of social media how else does a troubled superstar ask for help with a personal problem… Sarah Hyland chose Instagram.   Sarah Hyland Known by millions as the eldest daughter in the hit comedy show “Modern Family” Sarah Hyland has suffered from birth with a challenging condition called kidney dysplasia. Sufferers […]

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Gut Bacteria And Hair Loss

08th May 2018

News from Japan details some fascinating new research into the role our gut bacteria might play in hair loss. We look closer.   Gut Bacteria The role that our gut bacteria plays in our broader health is only recently beginning to be understood… or at least grasped. The link between the immune system and the […]

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Balding – Another Point Of View

06th May 2018

Reacting to the latest hair loss cure story Tom Usher, a highly regarded freelance journalist, offered his view in the Guardian’s comment section. Worth sharing we thought.   Tidy Tom Tom Usher could be an outstanding candidate for Scalp Micropigmentation, a tall handsome fella with his head shaved down to the bone. He writes, in […]

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Hair Loss Cure Episode XXX – A New Hope

04th May 2018

It’s been an up and down week for Manchester but news reaches us that the latest hair loss cure has been discovered there. We look closer. Well, we would.   Manchester’s Rollercoaster Week It is not every week your local team wins the ultra competitive English Premier League. Unless you live in Manchester that is, […]

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Why Is My Hair Turning Grey?

02nd May 2018

Like hair loss, greying hair for some can be an extremely unwelcome development. What causes it and what can be done?   Why Does Hair Turn Grey For starters, hair does not turn grey. Grey is the colour that is left when the original colour of the hair is no longer supplied in the follicle. […]

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Personal Hair Loss Story Makes Tough Reading

28th April 2018

A remarkable personal story of a 13 year battle with hair loss has been read throughout HIS HQ. We share…   Vice Vice is a website and magazine that carries professionally written articles alongside personal contributions and provides an eclectic spread with something for everyone. Our eye was well and truly caught by one of […]

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Hair Loss Treatments – A Doctors Eye View

25th April 2018

A short while back the German Society of Dermatologists took a long hard look at hair restoration. We take a look.   Hair Restoration In a report that was eventually published in 2011 the German Society of Dermatologists set out to achieve something not seen before. Their noble ambition was to provide the medical profession […]

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Topical JAK Hair Loss Treatment In Trial

23rd April 2018

At last! A serious study looking at a topical version of the hair loss cure hopeful, JAK inhibitors. We look closer.   Aclaris Therapeutics We have been watching their progress for what seems like forever, such is the glacial pace of progress in the world of new medicines. Aclaris Therapeutics are another of the new […]

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Alopecia Sufferer Wins Little Miss Wisconsin

21st April 2018

A heartwarming story from the state of Wisconsin where a 2nd Grader suffering from alopecia has just won the Little Miss Wisconsin pageant. We just had to look closer…   Alopecia Areata Joslyn Larson is not your typical beauty pageant winner. The second grader from Eau Claire in Wisconsin has set an example to young […]

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Ruxotilinib Making Hair Loss News

19th April 2018

Ruxolitinub is suddenly in the news, approved in 2011 it has been touted as a possible hair loss cure. We take a closer look.   Ruxolitinub When it was first approved for use in medical treatment it was as a treatment for a particular form of cancer.  Myelofibrosis, a rare bone marrow cancer, had been […]

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Lettuce In On The Hair Loss Cure

17th April 2018

Medicine has recognised the benefits of the lettuce for a very long time, we take a closer look at this humble hair loss cure.   A Long History We have been cultivating lettuce for absolutely ages. Around 6,500 years ago the lettuce made a transition from being just another weed to a plant that we […]

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New Hair Loss Blow For Breast Cancer Sufferers

15th April 2018

In addition to chemotherapy, cancer sufferers undergoing endocrine treatment have been warned they should also expect hair loss. We look closer.   Hair Loss During Chemotherapy The often dramatic hair loss that accompanies chemotherapy treatment is usually the first visible sign of the sickness. The emotional effects on the patient can be dramatic, indeed for […]

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Hair Loss Supplements Under Fire

12th April 2018

A heady mix of social media and celebrities are being used to shill hair loss supplements of extremely dubious value, and some threat. We look closer.   The Supplement Industry It was an industry born in that most optimistic of decades. In the 1960’s Linus Pauling, at one time hailed as America’s greatest young scientist, […]

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Cooling Cap Hair Loss Saver Hits Snag

10th April 2018

Cooling caps have made a mark on the world of chemotherapy, but the latest news suggests they might struggle to achieve widespread availability. We look closer.   Cooling Caps The idea was a simple one,  that by significantly cooling the scalp, thus reducing blood supply to the area, fewer of the toxic chemicals used during […]

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Hair Loss? Are You Getting Your Oats?

08th April 2018

Before you resort to expensive solutions to fix your hair loss maybe you should consider your diet?   Healthy Hair Hair, a feature common to almost all mammals, is made of keratin. It is the same stuff that makes horns, claws and hooves as well as being the protein that forms a protective outer layer […]

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