After seven hair transplants, I’m finally happy

17th July 2017

From the age of 21, David Anderson’s hair began to fall out causing him to panic and suffer from low self-esteem. Within two years, he had undergone his first hair transplant, but this wasn’t enough to stop his hair fall. By the age of 26, Anderson had undergone two more subsequent hair transplants in a […]

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Just why is SMP becoming so popular?

16th July 2017

Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) was originally founded by the HIS Hair Clinic and has now become one of the leading hair loss cosmetic solutions available across the world. It was originally developed as a cosmetic procedure for men, who have suffered from hair loss and as a medical solution to conceal scars, burns and even […]

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Alopecia areata: what causes it and can it be treated?

15th July 2017

Unlike other forms of hair loss alopecia areata is completely indiscriminate in who it affects. It strikes women and men equally and even causes hair loss in young children. What is alopecia areata? In essence, the condition is an autoimmune disease where the body literally turns on itself, attacking perfectly healthy hair cells because it […]

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LeBron James gives in and shaves his head

14th July 2017

Professional American basketball player, LeBron James is often compared to Michael Jordan in terms of their championship wins, honours and awards obtained on the court. However, now James may have to face further comparison to Michael Jordan off the court as he has recently taken to Instagram to unveil his newly shaved head. Balding jokes […]

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Could this new finding be the answer to male pattern baldness?

13th July 2017

Male pattern baldness is estimated to affect up to two thirds of men in the UK alone. Also known as androgenetic alopecia, this condition develops gradually and can typically present with a bald spot on the crown, thinning hair or a receding hair line. As this condition is known to affect men worldwide, with some […]

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Yet another footballer undergoes hair transplant surgery

11th July 2017

Once again, a footballer has hit the headlines after undergoing a hair transplant. English footballer, Chris Dagnall has become the latest sports star to seek treatment for his receding locks, following in the famous footsteps of Wayne Rooney and David Platt. So, is it just a result of being in the limelight that these footballers […]

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Could hair loss affect your career?

10th July 2017

Earlier this year, 52-year-old actor James Nesbitt openly admitted to having undergone a hair transplant procedure. Nesbitt began to lose his hair in his early twenties and felt that this subtle change in his appearance was leading to a decline in the number of roles he was being offered as an actor. After his transplant, […]

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Could these four foods be causing hair loss?

07th July 2017

Hardly a week goes by without some new natural wonder cure for baldness being promoted by new age health blogs. Onions, Watermelon seeds and wasabi are just some of the more recent foodstuffs that can apparently stem hair loss and even restore it! What about the other side of the coin though? Surely there must […]

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What it’s really like to be a hair transplant surgeon

06th July 2017

A New York hair transplant surgeon has recently spoken to the Telegraph to reveal what really goes on in the practice. Despite its growing popularity, there’s still a lot of misunderstanding about what a hair transplant actually involves. Many budding surgeons considering specialising in hair transplants also have a lot of misconceptions about what it […]

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Ne-Yo comes to terms with his bald head

05th July 2017

It’s pretty unusual to start to lose your hair before you hit puberty but that’s exactly what happened to R&B star Ne-Yo. Children can be merciless in their teasing and he was given special dispensation to wear a cap in school. The hat stuck and became his trademark when he hit the big time but […]

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Dr Wolff to capitalise on Korean hair loss market

04th July 2017

The creator of Alpecin caffeine shampoo, Dr Wolff, has revealed plans to break into the Korean hair loss market. After results of a survey commissioned by Alpecin, showed hair loss was a major and increasing issue for Korean men, Managing Director of Dr Wolff, Eduard Doerrenberg, saw an opportunity to capitalise on the market. Could […]

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What could the Tregs discovery mean for hair loss treatments?

03rd July 2017

Scientists in the US have accidentally stumbled upon a cause of baldness which could lead to hope for a potential future cure. The discovery was made when scientists were looking into anti-inflammatory immune cells, referred to as Tregs. They were trying to establish what role Tregs played in the health of the skin. However, when […]

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Researchers get another step closer to discovering cause of hair loss

02nd July 2017

Hair loss is a seemingly increasingly common condition which affects millions of men and women in the UK alone. However, as of yet there are no real, permanent solutions available. There’s also a lot still to learn about the cause of hair loss, though researchers from the University of Calgary could have made an important […]

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The SMP revolution

30th June 2017

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) really is turning into a worldwide phenomenon. The procedure is the fastest growing hair loss treatment for young men and involves injecting pigments into the scalp to create a realistic illusion of closely cropped hair. A recent article in Racked focused on Matt Iulio, founder of Scalp Micro USA who’s also the […]

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Wrestler Steve Austin says hair loss was his biggest battle

29th June 2017

American wrestling legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently revealed that despite his thousands of bouts in the ring his biggest challenge was dealing with hair loss. He went from “stunning” to “stone cold” overnight Before Steve became “Stone Cold” he was known as “Stunning” Steve Austin, mainly because of his flowing shoulder length blonde locks. […]

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Man sheds tears of joy after bad SMP job gets fixed

27th June 2017

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is one of the fastest growing and most popular treatment for men struggling with hair loss. Normally the procedure is carried out over 1-3 sessions by a skilled practitioner who carefully layers pigment in the scalp to create a startlingly realistic 3d illusion of real hair. The results are usually indistinguishable from […]

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Gary Barlow says he dyed his hair because it’s falling out

26th June 2017

Gary Barlow’s in the news again and this time it’s because he’s dyed his hair platinum blonde in advance of the new Take That Tour. So, what’s the reason for reaching for the bleach? Well apparently his hair is thinning and he sees this as a last fling before it falls out. His wife probably […]

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D’Marge tells us how to grow a beard

25th June 2017

The beard trend is still in full flow and shows no signs of abating so hats off to Brad Nash of D’Marge who’s written a comprehensive guide to growing and grooming a beard that a lumberjack would be proud of. Spend time planning your beard His article is full of useful tips. For example, he […]

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Actor says hair transplant helped him on road to recovery

24th June 2017

Tom Sizemore has known the highs and lows of fame more than most and now he’s back on the right track he recently opened up about his past to the Daily Mail. The tough guy actor ,who appeared in some of the grittiest movies of the 90s including Saving Private Ryan and Natural Born Killers, […]

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Wasabi for hair loss? Only in Japan

23rd June 2017

A month doesn’t go by without someone, somewhere proclaiming they have found a new wonder tonic that restores hair. From onions to watermelon seeds the world is apparently full of previously unknown magical cures for baldness. It’s not just a modern phenomenon either ancient Greeks were daubing their heads with urine in ancient times, albeit […]

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Study shows hair transplants improve quality of life

22nd June 2017

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who’s suffered from hair loss that their quality of life could be improved if the condition could be arrested or reversed. A recent study in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery showed that men who had a hair transplant were thought to be more attractive, youthful, […]

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Beard transplants surge in popularity

21st June 2017

The beard hasn’t enjoyed such popularity since Victorian times, with an estimated 52% of men sporting some kind of facial hair. With trend setters like Tom Hardy, David Beckham and Ben Affleck leading the fray and substantial research to suggest that men with beards are generally more attractive to the opposite sex the beard trends […]

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Celebrity hair transplants – who’s telling?

20th June 2017

In recent years, there’s been a surge in the number of male celebrities publicly admitting to undergoing a hair transplant. However, the procedure is a lot more common than you might think as for every celebrity that comes clean, there’s many who decide to keep the procedure under wraps. Here, we’ll look at which celebrities […]

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Is shorter hair more flattering to a receding hairline?

19th June 2017

A receding hairline is something most associated with male pattern baldness. The majority of men will experience this at some point in their lives. As the hair starts to recede, it’s common to want to disguise the problem. For many men, this involves growing their hair longer. However, could long hair actually make a receding […]

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BGT Winner to Have Hair Transplant at Just 23

17th June 2017

Hair transplants have become a very popular treatment in the UK, most commonly performed on older patients. However, male pattern baldness can occur at any age as 23-year-old BGT winner, George Sampson, recently discovered. The star has now gone public, announcing his plans to have a hair transplant surgery to rectify his premature baldness. Sampson […]

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A natural way to restore a receding hairline

16th June 2017

When claims are made that a “natural” hair restoration product has been discovered it’s always best to remain a little sceptical. Of course, It would we be wonderful if something that was readily available or even free could fix the problem of hair loss. It’s not as though there hasn’t been a plethora of home-made […]

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Should You Shave Your Head? Barbers Discuss

15th June 2017

The buzzcut is definitely in right now, but there’s very differing opinions about whether it looks good. Two barbers have recently squared off with their own differing opinions on whether a guy should ever get a buzz cut. So, should you shave it all off, or shouldn’t you? Let’s look at what the experts say… […]

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Could these five foods stop hair loss in its tracks?

14th June 2017

If you have noticed that your hair is thinning and falling out recently, then you are not alone. Male pattern baldness is the leading cause of hair loss, estimated to affect up to two thirds of men across the world. Women also are very likely to experience some form of hair loss in their life, […]

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Celebrities swap beard growth tips

13th June 2017

Being one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, Chris Hemsworth is renowned for his exceptional good looks. However, it appears that even he needs grooming tips from time to time. The actor has recently shared a snap of himself and hit country singer Zak Brown, reportedly in conversation swapping tips about beard growth. The two […]

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Are Footballers More Likely To Go Bald?

11th June 2017

We all know that since Rooney took the first step, footballers have been falling over themselves to have hair transplants. Now hair loss experts have suggested that footballers are at a greater risk of going bald. The reasoning behind the statement is that repeatedly heading the ball causes trauma to the hair follicles on the […]

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