Have you decided that 2016 will be the year when you take the leap and go ahead with the HIS Hair Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) you have been promising yourself? Maybe you have only just discovered SMP and are early in your research? Whatever your situation HIS have decided to help you start 2016 in superb fashion with a full 15% discount available to anyone booking their treatment by January 16th.

  15% off for jan 2015

I Think I Am Ready

If you have spent time reading up on everything you can find on SMP you will understand exactly what is involved, and have some idea of the profound ability of the treatment to change peoples lives for the better. All you need to do now is book your free consultation where one of our experts can talk you through the finer detail… including all your style options.

I Only Heard Of SMP Last Week

Concerned that your current lack of knowledge and understanding of SMP means you might miss this opportunity? Fear not. As well as the vast library of articles in the blog archive (click here to visit) there is a fantastic forum (find it by clicking here) which you can read without joining. On the forum you can chat to clients currently going through treatment, ex-clients, and of course other people investigating and asking great questions themselves. In addition there are experts who contribute detailed technical replies. It has a search function to help you find answers to your personal set of questions. Everything you could possibly need to know is here on this site and there is plenty of time to do your reading ahead of a consultation. Have your consultation anytime by Jan 16th and you could still benefit from the 15% discount. Book now to guarantee yourself that 2016 will be a year like none before. Find your nearest clinic by clicking here  



By Ian Watson


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