For most of us, a packed lunch is our midday stopgap ritual. Now it seems we’ll have to find alternatives for our plastic packs of goodness as a clinic in Bengaluru have discovered that 92% of their patients seeking hair loss were found to have BPA – an industrial chemical used to make certain plastics – in their blood. The majority of patients at the clinic tested were aged between 20 and 45 years old and are working professionals whom regularly consume their lunch from plastic containers and lunchboxes. Doctors at the clinic have blamed an over-dependency on the usage of plastic utensils and bad eating habits (such as all the Chinese takeaways we all have) for the presence of BPA in our bloodstreams. Image result for BPA in plastic Dr Shaheed Shamsheer, a trichologist – a specialist in the study of the health of hair and scalp – has said that most patients who find BPA in their blood tend to also have vitamin deficiencies which have recently been found to be a reason for hair loss. A series of specialists have started suggesting the usage of glass and stainless steel over plastic to avoid the ingestion of BPA into the bloodstream. Alternative medicine specialist, Dr Nish Joshi, whose clients include Ralph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow, recommends drinking tap water over bottled mineral water to avoid the bacteria and BPA breeding ground that a plastic bottle becomes. A change in diet and the consumption of vitamin supplements may be the future for us working professionals to decrease the risk of hair loss. If you’re suffering from hair loss, feel free to contact us today for your free consultation.



By IanW


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