Chris’ Case Study

Alopecia sufferer Chris used to painstakingly colour in his bald patches for two hours before ever leaving the house. Now he’s benefiting from a permanent solution that’s made life much more normal for him. I’m 40 now and have had alopecia for about 15 years. “It started off with little patches appearing, which I just […]

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Daniel’s Case Study

At first, Daniel suffered from a fairly mild form of Alopecia Areata, manifesting in just a few small bald patches at the back and sides of his head. Within just a couple of months however, the small patches spread rapidly, resulting in the advanced hair loss pattern you see here. Daniel had five sessions in […]

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Danny’s Case Study

Danny had suffered with Alopecia since 2005, and within just two years had lost all his head hair. As a short term remedy, Danny tried to disguise his Alopecia using henna as a type of temporary concealer. Unfortunately the results were not satisfactory. Danny came to HIS Hair Clinic in February 2012 and had three […]

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Max's Case Study

Before Max came to HIS Hair Clinic, he’d suffered with alopecia for more than 10 years, as well as receiving a dose of regular male pattern baldness. Max used to use make-up to cover up his alopecia, taking up to an hour every morning to apply. Needless to say, this had a significant effect on […]

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Raj’s Case Study

Raj used to wear a turban and tied his hair very tightly. This caused his hair to be pulled out, and eventually it stopped growing. Raj’s is a classic case of traction alopecia, a condition experienced by many people. People of ethnicities where tight hairstyles are commonplace are particularly vulnerable. After 3 treatment sessions, Raj […]

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Adam’s Case Study

Adam Solomon developed Alopecia in January 2011. It got progressively worse from a few small patches at the back of his head, to the point where his remaining hair could no longer conceal it. Adam decided to shave his head. Then his facial hair stopped growing, followed by the hair on his arms, legs, eyebrows […]

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