Rob’s Case Study

After starting to suffer from thinning hair in his early 20s, and seeing the fantastic results achieved by a friend, Rob Moretto asked His Hair Clinic to create the natural soft hairline he was looking for. “My hair loss started when I was roughly 23. It just started thinning, on top and all over. And being […]

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Tyrell's Case Study

 Ty started to notice that his hair was beginning to thin out on top, but didn’t think anything of it. Like most men, this wasn’t an uncommon occurrence. He, like so many others, just figured that it would gradually begin to thin out and recede slowly. But after a dramatic life event he noticed that […]

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Carlos’ Case Study

Carlos started losing his hair when he turned 18. This had a profound effect on his social life as he lost all of his confidence. He looked at all of the options and decided that HIS was the best choice for him. Carlos loves his new look and it has had a huge impact on […]

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Gary’s Case Study

Gary started going bald almost immediately after leaving school, so he’s really happy to have regained his natural hairline. He’s even commented that his new found confidence has been life changing, and has resulted in him joining a local gym and getting into modelling.

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Deen’s Case Study

Deen began losing his hair when he was just 21 years old. Although he decided against hair transplant surgery or hair systems, Deen wore caps all the time as he didn’t have a great deal of self confidence after he started receding. Deen remembers looking a lot older than he actually was.

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Steven’s Case Study

At the age of 36, Steven found himself receding at the temples, and with a rapidly balding crown area. As his natural hair colour is quite fair, pigment shades 26 and 30 were used, applied over a total of four treatment sessions.

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Carl’s Case Study

Carl started to lose his hair in his late teens. To combat this, he wore his hair shaven from age 21 and has wet shaved ever since. Now 40 years old, Carl confesses that he’s never been that bothered about losing his hair and he’s a fairly confident character anyway, but after visiting our website […]

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David’s Case Study

When David started to go bald, he began to tie his hair back to hide the thinning area. Unfortunately his bald patch began to spread, and became more and more difficult to conceal.

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