Nick’s Case Study

When he started to lose his hair, Nick tried all sorts of options before eventually discovering how SMP® from HIS Hair Clinic could solve his problem once and for all – including covering up the scars caused by previous work… “For the past two months, I’ve been coming in every two weeks. And every time, […]

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James’ Case Study

James began using Propecia when he first started noticing his hair loss, but the problem continued. So he embarked on extensive research into his options – and was reassured by the positive reviews of HIS Hair Clinic. “It wasn’t until about four years ago that I really noticed a drastic change in my hair loss. […]

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John’s Case Study

When a hair transplant left John Ross with a nasty scar across the back of his head, the clinic that had operated on him actually recommended Scalp MicroPigmentation as a corrective treatment. “I was suffering from typical hair loss, male pattern baldness. Then about two years ago, I decided to have a hair transplant. It […]

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Taff's Case Study

Taff first came to HIS Hair Clinic as a pensioner at the age of 69. Despite his appearance, Taffs true hair loss is extensive despite several hair transplant procedures in 1976, which also resulted in a number of plug scars at the back of his head. For the last 14 years Taff has worn a […]

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Richard’s Case Study

Richard started to lose his hair in his mid 20’s. He wore a hair system for 4 years but found maintenance to be too much hassle. In 2001, Richard removed his hair system and had a 1500 graft hair transplant. Unfortunately his transplant procedure wasn’t very successful, so he shaved his head and tried to […]

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Gordon’s Case Study

Based at our Birmingham clinic at the time, Damon completed Gordon’s scar camouflage work. As his before and after photos clearly show, Gordon’s transplant scars are now much harder to see. In Gordon’s own words “the scar is pretty much invisible unless you are really really looking for it” Gordon is now a regular in […]

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Bryan’s Case Study

Bryan, from Wales in the UK, had his treatment at our Birmingham clinic. Following a previous hair transplant procedure, Bryan wasn’t able to achieve the density he wanted. He also had significant pink scar tissue on his scalp that he wanted to camouflage. Please note that Bryan’s scalp in his ‘after’ photo is still quite […]

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Andre’s Case Study

Andre lives in South Korea, and found HIS Hair Clinic via our website. A regular contributor to the HIS forum under the alias of madeofscars, Andre conducted thorough research before finally deciding to have his treatment. Andre shared his situation with the forum community. Once he made his decision to have a  Scalp Pigmentation MHT® treatment, […]

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