Here at His Hair Clinic we are fond of tattooing heads and admire those who, having performed all their due diligence, choose come to our clinics. It means we do not miss too many associated articles so it stands to reason Chris Brown’s most recent antics did not go unnoticed. chris brown With the caption “I do what the f*** I want” he posted pictures of the completed tattoo on the back of his head. Having only recently stepped out sporting a dramatic image of a bull the latest shot he has now revealed the complete work… and what could you possibly choose to occupy the space beside a bull, that most virile and powerful of images? A matador maybe? Or, given the R&B star’s appetite for rapper hardware, a similarly virile and powerful sports car? We suspect the Venus De Milo, or Aphrodite to give her proper name, would be way down your list. Yes, we mean that Venus De Milo – the 2000 year old statue in the Louvre. chris brown2 While there is absolutely nothing wrong in decorating yourself with what is rightly recognised as one of the worlds great pieces of art it is difficult not to try and imagine what was going through his head. If nothing else it shows the importance of having friends, as opposed to people who are so reliant on you for their existence it would never occur to them to tell you that you are making a mistake.   Since bursting onto the pop scene as a 15 year old, R&B star Chris Brown has pretty much done as he pleases… and it is hard to tell him otherwise given the scale of his success – Unless you happen to be any of the judges he has appeared before. His approach to life used to be different, he was discovered singing in a choir by a lady who worked at the famous Def Jam Recordings. With her help he signed his first record deal at the age of 15. He released his first album aged 16 and enjoyed immediate success. The journey from teen idol to pariah started by beating up his then girlfriend, Rihanna (yes, that Rihanna) in February 2009 and despite bouncing back in his music career his life has continued to be blighted by brushes with the law over violence and drugs… even spending a few months in prison in relation to another assault, this time it was at least on a man though he did have his bodyguard on his side. The judge took a dim view. We can only hope that the head tattoo is reflecting the fact that he has now found his inner Venus De Milo, or Aphrodite. Which would only be a good thing. Bearing in mind that while in rehab his counsellors noted that “he is very good with knives and guns” it seems unlikely. More probable is that Brown has made another error of judgement and will live to regret this ink. To be fair, it could just be that this is still a work in progress, that Brown has a vision – maybe when we see the full picture it will all make perfect sense. We can only hope his head is big enough to accommodate something of the scale that would be needed to join together the two existing pieces of art. But that shouldn’t be a problem.



By Ian Watson


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