David Luiz. currently plying his trade in the French football league with reigning champions Paris St Germain (PSG), has been in the French press talking about the prospect of his own hair loss. It turns out that a player associated at least as much with his crazy locks as he is with football does have male pattern baldness on his mind, his dad is bald and David has serious concerns he will go the same way before too long… At least he was worried about it, that is until he discovered a Brazilian cure that, he will protect him when the time comes… and we should be using it too he tells us. Sideshow Dave Image result for sideshow bob For those of us who became familiar with the Brazilian international superstar footballer during his time with Chelsea in the English Premier League, he earned a reputation for being slightly unpredictable on the pitch. That, along with his crrrazy hair earned him the nickname “Sideshow Bob”- due in no small part to the striking similarity between Bart Simpson’s nemesis and David’s own hairstyle… a style which makes a lot more sense when you learn just how anxious he is about following his father down the path of androgenetic alopecia. Read All About It Image result for journal de dimanche It came up in a recent interview with the French Sunday newspaper, Journal De Dimanche, when he spoke about his hair worries. “I know I look crazy, but I am not! It is just hair”, he insisted. There might be some truth in that, though a succession of managers who attempted to get him to play a specific role in the Chelsea side might have cause to dispute that… such was his appetite for self destruction that regularly saw him blamed for defensive catastrophes. It transpires that David believes he has found the answer, close to home too. In the town of Diaderma, near Sao Paolo, he discovered a Brazilian doctor who claims he has developed an unlikely technique for preserving those locks. He takes cells from the hip and re-locates them… we can only assume to the scalp though the article doesn’t actually specify. Wherever he puts those hip cells it has our David convinced… “I will do it” he says. “In ten years it will be the solution for people who have lost their hair. You should try it”… presumably the interviewing journalist was a bald man. His last comment implies that the treatment might be capable of not just preventing hair loss but actually stimulating new growth. Is It Real? Image result for jury is out sign public domain For now, without a great deal more evidence and some sort of clinical trial, it is fair to say we are in the camp labelled deeply sceptical. But firmly open minded and hoping Sideshow Bob can keep his crazy hair look for decades to come. If you are ready for a serious conversation about your hair loss with one of our experts please click here to find your nearest clinic and arrange a free consultation.  



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