After suffering from male pattern baldness and losing his hair in his 20’s, David Richards undergoes Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment at the His Hair Clinic on Harley Street in London.

“The hair loss I experienced was on the top of my head, at the back and the front, which I think affects a lot of men. I still had hair at the sides, but I felt my baldness aged me quite a lot. So I basically went for a full treatment on the top of my head, because I was very bald in that area. I had three treatments in total, with the final one about 10 days ago. And the results are astronomical – it’s a huge difference! People have told me I look much younger and I personally feel so different in myself, euphoric even. I no longer worry about people seeing me as a bald man. For me, this is an absolutely invaluable treatment.” Watch David’s testimonial video:





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