Unless you’ve dealt with hair loss personally it’s hard to understand exactly what it means. It’s a complex set of emotions bubbling away, much of it wholly irrational; a potent mix of fear of ageing, of how you are perceived by your friends and colleagues and also, of course, your attractiveness to the opposite sex. Some men get depressed and in extremes circumstances it can lead to them becoming withdrawn socially from society. A whole industry has grown up around preserving it or disguising hair loss or, as it’s known in the trade, drugs, rugs, creams, & schemes. Here’s some ways that I’ve dealt with hair loss since my hairline started to recede in my late twenties.   Acceptance acceptance   Half of men under thirty are already losing their hair. Think about this for a second – you are far from being alone in losing your hair. Up until about 200 years ago, average life expectancy was 40 years old, so your hair just hasn’t kept up with our extended lifespan. Embrace your longevity, safe in the knowledge that half of everyone you know is going through the same thing.   Grow a beard beard When I first started to lose my hair, I experimented with facial hair. Sure you may be thin on top but there’s no reason you can’t get your hair game on out front on your face.   Styling overkill trumphair Many chaps will use gels and other styling products to bolster the hair but I fast came to the conclusion that this only serves to highlight a thinning hair problem. You need to stop doing this – keep it short and tight and hold off on the products.   Whizz if off shavinghead Shaving you hair off or going for a really tight crop is the most liberating thing you can do. You may have spend the past decade putting off the inevitable but you always knew this time would come. And remember, despite being a billionaire Donald Trump is a laughing stock because he has refused to take the plunge and deal with his barnet – just look at the coverage in the press of his presidential ambitions. It’s all about his hair [see story here].   Next time you visit your barber start developing a strategy to get your hair shorter so it isn’t such a massive step when the time comes. If you’re worried what people think then work on a 12-month plan to trim it back to zero.   Explore your hair loss options explore Hair transplant surgery seemed like an extreme way to deal with my hair loss, so I’ve been exploring alternative hair loss options over the past few years. Medications such as finasteride and minoxidil can slow down hair growth and even stimulate new growth. My experience with hair loss medications wasn’t wholly successful and the major problem with these solutions is that you have to keep applying them – as soon as you stop applying the product, the hair loss will continue as before. I didn’t want to be tied to this less-than-effective treatment for the rest of my life, so decided to undergo scalp micropigmentation which has camouflaged my hair loss, blending into my existing, closely-shaven hair.   Remember that half of your mates will be going through exactly the same thing as you. To be happy in yourself you need to stop worrying about what people think and take charge of hair loss. Don’t let it be in charge of you.   If you’re interested in reading more SMP stories, head over to the HisHair Clinic forum. To discuss scalp micropigmentation in more depth book your consultation today with one of the HisHair expert practitioners.



By Ian Watson


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