Despite living in a more equal, some would even say feminised, society men are still expected to portray a certain amount of bravado. Yet we don’t really like to do pain unless it’s strictly necessary. So one of the most popular questions we are asked, although not always necessarily first, is ‘does it hurt?’. This is one of those questions that prompts a different answer depending on who you talk to. Firstly, let’s look at the science bit. During your SMP procedure, you’re his Hair Clinic practitioner will use a digitally-controlled needle to insert micro dots of medical grade hypoallergenic colour pigment into the very top of the dermis. The human body has evolved with a head covering, or scalp, that is very sensitive because it protects the most critical organ, the brain. The body’s defence system has a range of mechanisms to keep you in good working order and it particularly wants you to be careful with your head and so the scalp is rich in nerve endings or, to give it a medical name, it is ‘highly innervated’ with approximately 600 nerve endings per cm of skin. That’s a lot of nerve endings, which has the effect of making the scalp a highly sensitive area. So doing anything that triggers these nerve endings is going to cause a degree of discomfort. The brain also requires efficient heat regulation so the scalp, while rich in nerves, isn’t blessed with lots of puffy subcutaneous fat making the skin thinner on the head. However, there are then other factors that can have an effect on whether it is going to cause you discomfort. Your Own Personal Pain Threshold i've had it My brother-in-law can drink ten beers the night before a 100 mile cycle ride, do it in record time and then do it all again the next day. I, on the other hand, need 12 hours’ sleep, lots of carbs and cry all the way round. He has a way of dismissing pain that I don’t and much of that is down to his mind-set. He knows it’s uncomfortable but deals with it because he knows it will end soon. Older people seem to feel less pain as the skin is less sensitive the older you get. Certain areas for different people can be more uncomfortable than others; some people find the temples more sensitive than other areas, for example. So, in conclusion, there is likely to be some discomfort but you won’t know how it affects you until you are undergoing the procedure. The best option is to take a deep breath and deal with it. It’s an hour of your time and the outcome will far outweigh a few brief feelings of discomfort. Your His Hair Clinic practitioner will go through the process at a pace that suits you and will do their best to keep any discomfort to a minimum.   For more information on pain and pain management for those contemplating an SMP treatment, put the word “pain” into the search box for the site.



By IanW


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