Whether scalp micropigmentation, known as SMP, fades, is another commonly asked question in consultations at our His Hair Clinics. And the simple answer is yes. The human body is in a constant state of renewal and external forces like UV from the sun, heat skin damage from the environment are all factors in causing fading over time. The important thing is knowing how to protect yourself adequately to minimise the fading.   As pioneers of the procedure we have been doing SMP for over a decade, but the process is still a relatively new concept. We don’t have the data to be able to say what happens in 20 or 30 years’ but we do know that fading in the long term is down to environmental factors and how well the treatment is maintained.   The facts about SMP fading   The ink we use at His Hair Clinic could potentially last a lifetime, in the same way that the ink in conventional tattooing can. However, we place the inks into the upper layers of the dermis and our skilled practitioners will layer the pigments to achieve the most natural look possible.   Short-term fading recovery Immediately after your SMP procedure the pigment will look a lot darker, but this will fade and soften once the treatment has healed. Sometimes, patients can be disappointed when the pigments start to fade, but we’ve found it is much better for patients to have a couple of treatments to build-up to the effect they want.   Long-term fading healthy The two main causes of fading will be the body’s own immune system and the effects of the Suns UV rays. Neither of these can be entirely avoided but you can help to minimise fading by keeping covered up in strong sunshine (which you should do anyway) and keeping your skin moisturised and in tip top condition (which you should anyway). Add to this a healthy lifestyle, keeping drinking alcohol to a minimum, not smoking, regular exercise and fresh fruit and vegetables to keep your skin in tip top condition.   To ensure you’re happy with your SMP procedure over the long term, repeat touch-up sessions are recommended at approximately five year intervals. This can also take into account any further hair loss.   To learn more about SMP, book a free consultation at one of our clinics today.



By Ian Watson


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