Donald Trump has been the victim of jibes surrounding his hair for what seems like forever. The arch-capitalist is a staunch Republican and currently the front runner in the polls for his party’s Presidential nomination, as can often happen when a powerful man attempts to reach out to a wider population he has found himself on the receiving end of questions he would not normally give the time of day to… including some about his hair. trump2 Of course it may well be that by drawing attention to his hair he is taking it away from some of his more provocative political viewpoints. It was Donald himself that bought up the subject of his hair at a recent rally in New Hampshire: “I really am very smart and I’m very good at business and I can make this country so rich. Maybe people don’t like my style. Maybe they don’t like my hair, which is real, by the way” he told the crowd – amid rumours that a casting agency had hired extras to play enthusiastic banner waving supporters. In an attempt to put an end to the rumours of a hair system he went so far as to invite a woman from the audience to come onto the stage to examine his hair, so as long as she wasn’t a paid accomplice we can take it that the Trump look is deliberate. During an interview with Rolling Stone magazine four years ago Trump confirmed that he was responsible for his own grooming routine, it involves washing with Head & Shoulders before “air-drying” for 60 minutes while reading his papers.  He combs the hair “a little bit forward and a little bit back” creating a fold-over as opposed to a comb-over – a much more powerful look he believes. The fact is we might still not have the whole truth, there have been so many allegations over the years – some even claiming to have made him systems from all manner of exotic materials.  What we do know for sure is that this man is running for President of the USA, one of the most powerful jobs in the world. He definitely has more important things to be talking about.



By Ian Watson


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