It’s said that stress can turn your hair grey and although that’s debatable, stress is certainly one of the major factors behind hair loss and it’s thought that the growing levels of anxiety we suffer from is fuelling the rise in men and women seeking treatment for hair loss. How does stress cause hair loss? stress The good thing to know is that the low levels of stress most of us experience, even if it results in a few sleepless nights, will not cause you to lose your hair. It takes a much larger stressful incident or experience to do this. There’s not one particular factor why stress causes hair loss, but instead a combination of factors. Stress raises y our body’s production of adrenaline and any excess adrenaline not used by the body is converted into cholesterol. Raised levels of cholesterol, in turn, increases testosterone. In those that have a sensitivity to testosterone this can impact on the hair follicles. Stress and the immune system immune system Stress and anxiety can have a damaging effect on the immune system, making us easy prey to illnesses and infections. These can impact on our hair’s growth cycle – at any one point about 90 per cent of our hair is in the growing cycle which can last a number of years before it enters the resting stage and then falls out. Usually we lose about 100 hairs a day, but a disruption of the hair’s growing cycle can force an increased number of hairs into the resting phase at the same time causing a lot of hair to fall out, all at the same time, usually two months after the stressful event or illness. The good news is that this type of hair loss – called telogen effluvium – is usually temporary and once the stressor is addressed you hair cycle should resume normally. Stress and body balance balance It’s long proven that stress can affect how you look after yourself, particularly in relation to diet. Poor nutrition and, in particular, a deficiency in certain valuable nutrients, whether that be protein, iron or specific vitamins and minerals, can definitely cause hair thinning and loss. The good news is that by improving your diet and addressing any nutrient deficiencies should see the problem resolved, but even if you are already eating well, stress can affect how the body absorbs nutrients effectively so it’s important to address the cause of stress at the same time. Don’t let the state of your hairline stress you out hairline If you’re already starting to see hair loss, constantly checking the state of your hairline in the mirror is bound to become a source of stress all in itself. Take charge of the problem by exploring cosmetic procedures such as scalp micropigmentation, known as SMP, that can disguise the problem and make you feel much more comfortable about the state of your scalp.   To see if you’re suitable for SMP, get in touch today and book your free consultation with the experts at HisHair Clinic.



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