hair transplant and smp combinedHair loss is listed as one of the top worries for UK men when it comes to their appearance and as male pattern baldness will affect half of the male population by the time they get to 50, then this is a problem of some magnitude. There is no cure for male pattern baldness, so the hair loss treatment market has hugely grown in scope and sophistication in recent years and combination treatments that produce optimal results for the client are key.

Scalp micropigmentation vs hair transplant

SMP as it is popularly known is a hair replication treatment. Pigments are delivered into the scalp, at different angles and depths, to produce a highly realistic appearance of hair follicles. There are many benefits to SMP because the results are instantaneous, there is little pain or downtime and results should be long-term. The main drawback to SMP for many clients though is that it can’t actually restore the hair you have lost. For those wanting a full head of hair the only permanent solution currently available is hair transplant surgery. Compared to SMP, it is a lengthy process and there will be a degree of recovery. Results are also much less predictable than SMP and many men have to undergo a number of procedures to achieve the results they were hoping for.

SMP & hair transplant surgery combined

Increasing numbers of men are option for a combination of these two hair loss treatments to produce more aesthetically pleasing results and the benefits that each individual treatment can bring.
  • younger patients may choose to opt for SMP before a hair transplant as it is advisable for hair loss to be stabilised before undergoing a surgical hair restoration procedure. SMP causes no damage to the hair follicles
  • many men who underwent a hair transplant years earlier opt for a scalp micropigmentation to either disguise further hair loss or camouflage scars left from FUT surgery that often leaves a strip of scarring across the back of the head
  • a hair transplant is limited by the number of hair-producing follicles so many patients combine a hair transplant with SMP to enhance the appearance of density
If you want to find out more about your hair loss options and the potential benefits of combining scalp micropigmentation with a hair transplant, make an appointment to speak to one of our hair loss experts.



By Ian Watson


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