Localised Hair Loss Issue Stories about hair loss in the UAE have been coming out of the region for years now. The latest reports estimate that 60% of men will experience hair loss in Dubai, fully 20% above the global average. The thing about Dubai If you have been to Dubai you will understand why, despite some drawbacks (it is impossible to move outdoors in the heat of summer), millions are drawn there. In the space of a single generation it has gone from being a small fishing village to one of the finest cities on the planet. It boasts an incredible sky-line with some of the world’s most stunning architecture and of course there are world-class chefs and restaurants, every luxury you can imagine is available. You can shop till you drop at a different jaw dropping mall every day, one of them even has a ski slope with real snow. But you will also appreciate why pollution is pointed at as a likely cause for this statistically significant difference in hair loss… along with stress, poor nutrition and the water (which is mostly reclaimed sea water). Of course genetics remain the single most important factor, but if that predisposition exists then being exposed to these other factors seems to be have a considerable effect on the onset of male pattern baldness. Old_Dubai_1_3066949a Dubai, 1950’s Dubai today Dubai today   HIS Hair Clinic, Dubai HIS Hair Clinic, who offer services in Dubai at their wonderfully situated offices in Jumeirah Lake Towers, are a great option for anyone living in a hot climate. As a style choice the shaved head makes sense and given the options of Scalp Micropigmentation or a hair system, only one of these keeps the head cool. Not sure I would want to be permanently wearing what is effectively a very warm hat if I lived the desert. It is reported that the number of men seeking treatment is on the rise, and that their average age is coming down. Of course it could just be that confidence in treatments like SMP is steadily improving as awareness and their popularity increase, along with confidence in the outcome through access to previous clients on the forum. Smart answers The evidence for the rise in hair loss in the UAE is anecdotal, no official study has been done – and it is unlikely that the Dubai authorities would welcome such a study. But, as my Nan always said, there is no smoke without fire and the quantity and consistency of these reports, going back years, seems pretty undeniable. As we move towards more of us living in ever more polluted cities early onset hair loss appears to be something that will only get worse. Be grateful then that the solutions available have never been better.



By Ian Watson


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