Mesotherapy is rapidly taking its place as an important weapon in the fight against hair loss. For most of us the familiar application of Mesotherapy has been Botox, used to tighten skin on the face to remove the appearance of wrinkles, chemical face-lift. So what is  Mesotherapy bringing to the table for hair loss? We investigate.   What Is Mesotherapy?   mesotherapy   The medical journals will tell you It is an intradermal and subcutaneous, superficial, loco-regional, polyvalent, micro-dose allopathy. Personally I prefer the simpler description offered by its inventor “Little, rarely and at the right place”. In plain English Mesotherapy actually refers to a method of drug delivery. To be honest it is difficult to describe Mesotherapy and its effects without dipping into a lot of medical jargon, it is by nature a scientific procedure. The name, coined by the French Press rather than medical people, refers to the Mesoderm, the middle of three germ layers in the very early embryo. It develops to house the neural chord and is responsible, among many other jobs, for producing bone and cartilage. Mesotherapy is performed by using fine needles to deliver drugs into the structures derived from the Mesoderm – which itself only exists for a brief time.   Origins   pistor   The early story of Mesotherapy is a classic tale of experimental medicine, with a series of contributions over a long period of time culminating in a lucky moment when a rural French Doctor made an amazing discovery. It is fair to say the story started with the invention of the hypodermic needle in 1844, enabling medicine to be delivered locally for the first time. The next chapter of the story for Mesotherapy was the synthesization of Procaine in 1905, a leap forward in the treatment of pain. A shame really that it would take until 1928 for someone to use Procaine by injection as a treatment for local pain relief, the results were stunning. Fast forward to 1952 in a village in France. Dr Michel Pistor was treating a local cobbler for asthma with an injection of Procaine. It didn’t help with his asthma but, having been deaf for years, the patient could suddenly hear the church bells ringing. The good Doctor continued treatment but now administered the injections close to the ear, with excellent results. PIstor would go on to have a great career investigating how to treat disease from as close as possible to its location, as he said “A little, rarely and at the right place”.   Modern Mesotherapy   meso   The evolution in understanding of how both natural and synthesized drugs affect our bodies, along with the development of ever finer tools and instruments has seen Mesotherapy flourish in a range of fields. Today 40,000 practitioners across the USA and Europe use Mesotherapy to deliver medication directly to site, unaffected by digestion or travelling through and being delivered by the bloodstream. You will no doubt be familiar with its use in areas like facial rejuvenation with Botox among other solutions. The efficacy of FDA approved hair loss remedies like Minoxodil is improved by using Mesotherapy for delivery. Combined with a mix of vitamins to promote a healthier scalp, which in turn benefit from being delivered directly to site rather than dissipated through your system, there is a significant uplift in stopping immediate hair loss as well as the promotion of new growth. For sufferers of the full range of scalp conditions Mesotherapy can promote healthier scalp and stronger hair as well as new growth. Even without medication the needles would promote a healthier scalp by causing some small superficial damage which in turn trigger a series of responses by your body, among them is transporting additional blood to the area – which in turn aids with another of the post trauma responses, the production of collagen and elastin. These are two of the main building blocks of skin. With a carefully selected set of vitamins and some FDA approved hair-loss products delivered directly to the site you might even see an improvement even during your course of treatment.   What To Expect   expectations   There are no oral medications, no local anaesthetics and no dressings. You will be able to leave your appointment and go straight back to work. The treatment itself lasts up to half an hour, usually a little less, and a full course can be between 7 and 10 sessions. Typically you will attend every couple of weeks. After that initial course you can expect to attend for maintenance sessions every 2 to 3 months. It is important to note that Mesotherapy is classified as a non-invasive technique, which speaks to both the micro nature of the needles used and the shallow depth of their penetration. For the vast majority of clients the procedure is virtually painless.                                                                                    



By Ian Watson


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