ian Ian Watson holds a Masters Degree and is extremely academically qualified. Using his academia and business experience Ian has been able to perfect our SMP® scalp pigmentation techniques. Ian is fully qualified in permanent cosmetic and medical tattooing, having undergone significant amounts of intensive and advanced training in the UK including Harley Street, London and advanced training in Melbourne, Australia. Ian’s training, experience and accreditations relate to the following areas which include advanced techniques to design and perform the application of:
  • Cosmetic tattooing procedures
  • Medical tattooing techniques
  • Advanced techniques in colour correction, cosmetic tattooing, scar camouflage and multitrepannic collagen actuation
  • Advanced techniques in colour and hair-like stroke techniques
Gaining advanced levels of training in permanent / semi permanent make up, traditional tattooing artistry and medical tattooing techniques has equipped Ian with the knowledge and skills to be able to combine and enhance the different techniques and skills sets. This advanced level of knowledge, understanding and skill has allowed Ian to develop our own SMP® scalp pigmentation techniques over an extended period of time, constantly practicing, refining and analysing data and results from clinical trials to understand and gain valuable evidence supported with case studies. Ian’s own experience of hair loss enables him to communicate openly and honestly with all clients. He has undergone intense training in micro pigmentation techniques at Harley Street London, the centre of the UK cosmetic industry. Ian has also undertaken advanced training in Melbourne, Australia with some of the worlds foremost permanent make-up experts. As a result, his qualifications are endorsed by leading micro pigmentation experts who are accredited as government trainers and assessors. Through intensive research and development, Ian has helped adapt the techniques he learned to create innovative SMP® scalp pigmentation techniques.  He personally underwent the first SMP® procedure, and the amazing results are there for all to see.

HIS co-founder Ian Watson was formerly a senior director for the English National Health Service. Ian walked away from a highly successful career to dedicate himself to the cause of helping individuals overcome hair loss. Ian continually works passionately to help transform the lives of hair loss sufferers from around the world

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