ranbir Ranbir Rai-Watson holds a Masters Degree and is extremely qualified, an attribute that has helped the business to grow exponentially in recent years, due to a keen eye for detail and a high level of business acumen. Ranbir is fully qualified in permanent cosmetic and medical tattooing, having undergone advanced training at Harley Street in London and further training in Melbourne, Australia. Ranbir’s training, experience and accreditations to date, relate to the following areas:
  • Micro pigmentation techniques
  • Advanced master in permanent cosmetic professional techniques
  • Advanced enhancement in permanent cosmetics
  • Advanced colour expert course in permanent cosmetics
Gaining advanced levels of attainment in order to produce flawless SMP® treatments has not been easy. As the technique was developed in-house by HIS Hair Clinics, dedicated training courses and qualifications simply didn’t exist at the time. SMP® was born of a thorough understanding of all related techniques, which were then tailored and combined to create the SMP® phenomenon as we know it today. HIS Hair Clinics is proud to now offer the world’s only advanced training programme for the SMP® technique, available exclusively to our fast-growing partner network around the world. Ranbir has undergone advanced training in medical micro pigmentation and permanent make up techniques, and has also furthered her knowledge by training in general body art tattooing with a multi-award-winning international tattoo artist. Ranbir’s training has taken place in London, the West Midlands and Melbourne, Australia and her skills are globally recognised. She uses her expert knowledge and artistic eye to deliver perfect, stylish results every time. Ranbir has helped treat and restore the confidence of many hair loss sufferers from around the world. Every procedure she performs is second to none, and Ranbir is widely renowned as the best in the specialist field of scalp pigmentation. Her work has been endorsed by a number of leading international Doctors and Dermatologists and her SMP® treatment results are there for all to see. Ranbir is responsible for the overall management of internal systems and quality procedures at HIS clinics, and as a qualified teacher and trainer, also facilitates HIS SMP® training programmes for the increasing number of SMP® licensees. Ranbir certificates all staff trained by HIS to ensure quality standards and consistency are maintained.

HIS co-founder Ranbir Rai-Watson performed the first ever scalp pigmentation treatment for hair loss in 2002. Following this procedure, Ranbir has been instrumental in perfecting the technique, enabling SMP® to become the widely recognised global phenomenon it is today

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