SMP® is an effective hair loss solution for women

Scalp MicroPigmentation

For Women

Since Ian and Ranbir first developed the techniques and launched SMP on the world, back in 2002, it has transformed the lives of thousands of people. Admittedly, most of those people have been men. Men were the inspiration for the treatment and in the early days it was all they could do to meet demand from minimal advertising.

Over the years, techniques and equipment were improved and the first generation of practitioners were trained. Originally through word of mouth, by male clients talking about the incredible difference that had been made to their lives… some of our ex-clients are positively evangelical, women began to hear about the treatment and got in touch.

Talking to the women visiting the clinics it became clear that their options were severely restricted compared to the men. The only approved hair loss medication is not approved for women leaving most to opt for uncomfortable or impractical hairpieces. A few though, having done some research, experimented with items aimed at the male hair loss market.

“Concealers” have become popular with women. Coming in powder form, they cling to the existing hair and to the scalp and can provide an effective, if temporary, solution. Though one that cannot get wet and will need attention through the course of a day.

SMP was spotted by a few eagle eyed women as having the potential to achieve the effective camouflage they were getting but in a fuss-free way, one that would liberate them from the routine and stress of applying and wearing concealer.

Since those early days we have gained a deep experience of treating the range of hair loss conditions that women can present with. Because many of those conditions are temporary and the sufferer can expect to return to a full head of hair over time, a solution that provides camouflage for the year or more that might take but which causes no damage to the existing follicles is exactly what is needed.

SMP works by delivering a bespoke, non-metallic pigment immediately beneath the epidermis using a very short, very thin needle. Each of these dots is perfectly colour-matched to your existing follicles to exactly create the illusion of far greater density.

We know that each case is different, which is why our team of experts are available to offer advice on the full range of options available to you in your particular situation. Click here to find your nearest clinic.

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