The second most common form of Alopecia, it can affect anyone at any age. While very rare it occasionally presents in babies and young children but become more common past the age of 19. It is, in fact, a generic or umbrella term that covers a multitude of sins.

Whenever the body is going through major changes, hormones can be generated which may lead to hair loss. Chemotherapy will be the most familiar, but these changes might be triggered by something as common as childbirth. Even fevers, or the sort of severe infections and illnesses that bring on a fever, can lead to increased hair loss.

Telogen Condition

What presents as hair loss is really the result of too many follicles being pushed into a resting phase. The range of triggers is broad and the precise way they work, due to the complex biochemistry involved, a challenge. However, regardless of the trigger, Telogen presents in exactly the same way every time – An increase in the number of follicles stuck in the telogen phase, when the follicle is dormant or resting. This is a part of the process where understanding is becoming far more detailed and for which treatments are available.

Sufferers can usually expect a full recovery though it can take a long time. At HIS Hair our experts can advise on a range of treatments and medications proven to expedite that recovery. Click here to find your nearest clinic.

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