Wayne Rooney hair transplant

Wayne Rooney hairline before and after hair transplant (Daily Star)

Experts are citing the ‘Wayne Rooney effect’ as the reason for a massive increase in men seeking hair transplants over the past few years. And it’s not just fans on the street who are taking the plunge – according to reports there has been a 25% increase in major league football players having hair transplants since Rooney had his.

“He wants to look better – so do I”

One former football star, Didi Hamman, who used to play for Manchester City before retiring from the game nine years ago, told the Daily Star: “I remember thinking when [Rooney] had his hair done ‘Good for him – he wants to look better and isn’t afraid to tell the world about it’. “I’m the same. I am happy to go public and make clear that you can really benefit from giving nature a helping hand.”

30,000 rush to follow Rooney and have hair transplant

The Star also reports that 30,000 men from all walks of life have undergone a hair transplant operation since Rooney had his first hair transplant in 2011, with the procedure now topping the listings as the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure for men. The number of men seeking hair transplants has seen a 20% rise in the past few years, and industry experts say that celebrities like Rooney and Robbie Williams have played a big part in this, as they have been totally open about having the procedure, showing other men that it is OK to do the same.

And it’s not just happening in Britain

Tom Brady hair transplant

Has Tom Brady had hair transplant? (NY Post)

In America, football star Tom Brady has long been the subject of speculation over his surprisingly revitalised hairline, with many media outlets claiming he has undergone a hair transplant. The New York Post recently published an interview with a man who had been inspired by Brady to have a hair transplant himself, showing it’s not just us Brits who take the lead from celebrities. If you’re suffering from male-pattern baldness or any other form of hair loss or hair thinning, it is worth exploring all the options. Hair transplant surgery is a great choice for many, but there is a wealth of choice out there when it comes to hair restoration – from over-the-counter products to procedures like scalp micropigmentation, which creates the effect of a closely-cropped full head of hair.



By Ian Watson


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