Jonathan is one of the most successful franchisees in the HIS Hair family. He was driving a taxi in the midlands in the UK before finding out about SMP at his local clinic in Birmingham. It’s no understatement to say that his SMP treatment totally changed his life in more than one way.

Here’s his story: “After struggling with hair-loss for many years, I discovered SMP while driving in Birmingham. I heard Ian Watson, our co-founder being interview on the local BBC radio about an alternative hair-loss treatment that doesn’t involve surgery, using lotions or taking potions. I was curious, is this genuine, or is it just another scam to extract hard earned cash from vulnerable hair-loss sufferers like myself? As luck would have it, I only live 20 minutes drive from the Birmingham HIS clinic, so without hesitation I booked myself in for a consultation. After meeting with Ian & Ranbir, and doing further independent research, I booked myself in for the life changing treatment. That was back in November 2008, and now I can’t quite remember how I use to look before SMP because I’d stopped taking photos of myself when I started receding. It was a huge success and my confidence is now sky high! In fact, I was so impressed with the treatment and how it made me feel that I joined HIS at the Birmingham clinic and trained to become a fully trained practitioner. I so much wanted to give back to help others who are suffering from hair-loss and the increased confidence SMP has given to me. After treating clients at various locations globally with HIS, I wanted to become my own boss with my very own clinic. Franchising was the way forward for me, as I’ll have full control and freedom to manage my own business, and I’ll certainly benefit more from it’s profits. A win win situation all round. I wanted to set up in Hong Kong as HIS didn’t have a Far East location. As I was born and lived there until I was eight, I still spoke Cantonese fluently I thought this could be a great opportunity to go back home with an exciting proven business model. HIS is the market leader in SMP, with the full backing from this mighty global brand, my business has grown from strength to strength. I feel immensely secure with the my future, but most of all, I get enormous pleasure from helping to restore my clients self confidence, and for turning their age clock back at lease ten years. Jonathan Tang If you’re thinking of starting a business and becoming your own boss, maybe a HIS franchise is for you.” Jonathan Tang  

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