Scalp MicroPigmentation has been pioneered over the last decade by HIS Hair Clinic to help men suffering from hair loss. We are the innovators of modern SMP techniques, operator of the world’s most trusted Scalp MicroPigmentation company and provide the gold standard in Scalp MicroPigmentation training.

Now we are taking it to the next level by not only providing this form of cosmetic treatment but we have also started The SMP Academy which is an online based course that takes you through a step-by-step process of the way we practice SMP treatment. Our course was designed on an online platform so that it can be accessed internationally so our Clinics can thrive worldwide but also so that anyone can take part and become a fully trained SMP practitioner.

Here is the introductory video to our exciting new training course:

Each candidate will receive a training pack via post. This will contain the manual for the course and is essential for the induction week of training, which takes place after the online course has been completed. Tasks in the online course range from online assessments which are to be emailed to the examiner to demonstration videos and end of module tests.

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Your experience is not essential for this course, whether you are a tattoo artist, a permanent make up artist or a complete novice we will give you all the training you need to become a successful Scalp MicroPigmentation practitioner.

Aims and objectives of the qualification

This qualification aims to help the SMP® practitioner to:

  • Discuss hair loss with clients
  • Undertake a range of SMP® techniques to meet client expectations and needs
  • Complete treatments observing health and safety at all times

The objectives of the qualification are to help the SMP® practitioner to:

  • Undertake client consultations
  • Prepare treatment rooms correctly
  • Set up SMP® equipment correctly
  • Assess clients hair loss, hair systems and scarring
  • Raise awareness of different skin types, diseases and infections
  • Complete all the necessary documentation for treatments
  • Ensure all client expectations and needs are met including client health and safety
  • Observe personal health and safety throughout client treatments
  • Manage clients throughout treatments
  • Draw hairlines and side profiles to meet clients expectations
  • Complete SMP® treatments on a range of clients
  • Discuss short- and long-term aftercare with clients
  • Ensure that treatment room and equipment meets HIS deep clean policy

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