The result of research recently published in the British Journal of Dermology, featuring the latest addition to the armoury in the battle against hair loss, might surprise a few people. Caffeine has been revealed as having a part to play in promoting healthy, even accelerated growth Researchers at the University of Lubeck set out to explore the affect of caffeine on hair. It is possible to grow a transplanted follicle, in a suspension of testosterone, inside a test tube. Their plan was simply to add caffeine and measure its impact on the rate of growth. The Theory emc2 The business providing the funding for the research was Germany’s Dr. Wolff. The owner of the business, Dr. Klenk, said his attention was caught by the ability of caffeine to be absorbed into the roots of hair. On the basis that growing new hair required a great deal of energy he believed caffeine was capable of providing a boost to the process. The Results results No doubt to the delight of Dr Klenk and his colleagues at Dr. Wolff, the authors of the report concluded that not only did it promote faster growth but in fact it was capable of partially reversing the affect of testosterone as a primary cause of hair loss. Not Just For Coffee Lovers coffee In fact it would be extremely dangerous to consume the levels of caffeine required to have an effect on hair loss by drinking your way through the Starbucks menu a couple of times day. The set of people who are both hair loss sufferers and coffee lovers is enormous, it is a shame it is not possible to drink your way to hair health. But there are now caffeine based shampoos on the market that deliver the remedy directly to the scalp. Because it will be absorbed into the follicle this is an ideal delivery mechanism, though of course it is about prevention and halting, or at least slowing down, advancing hair loss. As with any hair loss treatment aimed at halting hair loss, early intervention is important.



By Ian Watson


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